Monday, March 11, 2013

Smart is PINTAR

Talking about smartphones.

I don't know what is the exact definitions of smartphones but after getting myself one, I started to learn how miraculous a smartphone can be!

It nudges me when I got notifications left un-entertained (Smart Motion). The phone has some kind of sensor that can sense human's touch hence automatically alert us by a light vibration. That's why it keeps me abreast with all those notifications (calls, messages, emails etc)

It automatically calls the number on screen once the phone is put at your ears without you having to actually press the CALL button (Smart Motion). Well isn't that time-saving?

The light remains on screen as long as you stare at it (Smart Stay). So you won't be troubled to repeatedly unlock the screen each time you pause to think of sentences while messaging or playing games!

Smartphones, they are amazing aite?


SemuanyaOK ^^ said...

aik...nak bandingkan yang aku punya ke?
amboih kau! Hohoho
abreast tu up-to-date

Jαnnαhツ said...

hambboih.. ko ni memang. aku x banding ngan phone kau. cume nak cakap phone aku ada kawan iaitu phone kuning kau tuh. yg selalu remind ko minum air yg disalahertikan dengan reminder be***. kekeke

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