Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Quench the Thirst

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Hey ya. Whassup? Ops. I should say Assalamualaikuumm.... Assalamualaikum peeps!

Today we went to Yayasan Terengganu to hand in the application forms. I drove. It was the first time my vigilant father let me drive that big o' car (MPV to be exact) to the town of Kuala Terengganu which is always jammed and packed with people and cars. Luckily nothing happened despite the road was a bit cramped with busy traffics (I must say some people do drive recklessly and always annoy me much!) It somehow felt like I just had my maiden voyage today (whatde maiden voyage if for the ships lolss). Yeah I know, screw flibbertigibbet me and my stupid statement. Shut up, blabbermouth!!!

Okay that is quite enough for psychotic breaks.

My sis who got that flying-colors results in SPM wishes to study in Chemical Engineering or Pharmaceuticals. She also applied for Actuarial Sciences. I don't give any thrust during her decision making. The only thing I told her is to pick up course not only based on her capabilities but also her PASSION. 

There are many SPM leavers who got excellent results hence making them qualified to apply critical courses like Medic, Engineering, Pharma yada yada yada. Yes, with the result they are qualified but is that what their hearts really want? Or is it because they dived into those challenging courses just because of fame or money? Or maybe because of the parents who want to brag on how brilliant their children are who are qualified into those fields that those parents influenced the child to make decisions? 

I had heard stories on how a boy got an excellent result but he actually doesn't really want to take such critical courses. In fact, he was more interested with art courses. However, it was due to his dear daddy and dearest mommy that he had to choose the path he didn't even opt for at the first place. So his life was carved by some other people who don't actually understand his real need and more importantly, passion. At the end, the boy would gradually lose his own self and you know what happens at the end. Hmmm. Life won't end up happy.

Passion is a serious thing to talk about. Passion is powerful. With passion, works won't felt like works. Works would be like games, and we will be happier and less stressed. If you have no passion nor enthusiasm in your life, it's like drinking a cool blog without the pearl/bubbles. It tastes plain. So as it goes with life. Our life would have no essence. Life would be dull and worthless. Is that kind of life we want to have?

Lets get back to the bottom line. En route home, we stopped by at GIANT and bought ourselves some esophagus-cooling drinks; COOL BLOGS! Hikhik. Coolblog is simply amazing. Always there to make my day.

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