Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Relevance of Abstinence, Prevention and Emotion-caressing

Just now I watched a show in telly. It is a talk about counselling those victims of you-know-what. According to the statistics reported by thestar.com.my, for every 15 minutes this you-know-what happens in Malaysia. And 80% culprits are close to the victims.  

Just imagine how many people had suffered and are suffering from trauma after the humiliating incident. That incident is a mark of a very painful moment in life the victims had to deal with. It is something we need to take action on. This is a very serious matter.

Never did we have to think of the same incident which occurred in India when two foreigners got raped by the locals in two separate cases. Never did we have to take any course of actions on such cases since it happened in others' country. Just let the country decide because their country their law. It is enough if we take lessons from it and do our best to prevent those things from happening in our beloved country. We need to take course of actions and law must be enforced as to make all civilians to be abstinent from making the crimes.

However, the rape cases are increasing day by day here in our country. The question is why? Why this happens? What measures did we take? Why the measures are not working? Who is to blame when all those measures are not actually helping? How do we make sure that the punishment imposed on those criminals is proportionate to the crimes committed? 

I'm weeping but nobody's consoling and coaxing me...

The main puzzle here is how do we prevent this thing from happening again and not just focusing on how we counsel those victims after they survived the painful ordeal. Emotional-caressing is also crucial as to save the victims from being overly traumatized and to guide them to live their live like others. These people are victims, and they should not be looked with the eyes of disgust and hatred. They deserve the same treatment like others as they never wishes to be imposed by such incident. Yes, the counselling session is of course important but the utmost important thing is to identify the root cause of the problem. If we just focus on cleaning up their (rapists) mess, there will be more cases mushrooming in the future. This is not something we want. This is not the correct prevention measure. 

I miss you Korean DRAMA

You watch Korean Drama I Miss You from Chamsarang at TV9 right? The drama is about the unfairness of the judgment imposed on the culprits who had committed gang rapes. Many had become victims to this grotesque behavior of some dirty loose bags who had finally got the pleasure to be roaming freely on planet Earth after being jailed for some years (the punishment is not proportionate with the crime though). Bora, a high-school student was one of the victims and was dead due to the trauma. Being driven by revenge on her deceased daughter, Bora's mom had killed the rapist. Bora committed suicide after she was being raped by those scumbags due to overwhelming traumas she experienced after the incident. Just watch the rest and you know why and how the injustice had driven people crazy. 

All in all, what type of punishment serves well for the well-being of the society in the future? Who dares to answer me?

answer me, onegai??

p/s: Relevance of Abstinence, Prevention and Emotion-caressing (R.A.P.E)

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