Tuesday, June 04, 2013


The only reason why I am putting up with all these is I don't wanna be left stranded at home doing nothing. And also to avoid those criticism and provocations from people around me who don't really care about how I feel and prefer judging instead of understanding. If I'm being honest, this is not what I want for myself. All I can say is that I am such a coward. I don't have the courage to seek my revenge. Hmmm. One other thing is I don't wanna let go a golden chance. You might say I'm being greedy. I must admit that I always have this mood swing. Sometime I feel good, some other time I feel bad. Sometimes it feels good to be here. Sometimes I wish to be somewhere else. Just like what I'm feeling now. I wish the clock will move faster. Ya Allah. Give me patience, give me strength. 

I am all alone~

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