Thursday, August 01, 2013

Freakishly Foolish

Yeah I must admit that I was being absolutely foolish today. 


Here's the story.

This morning I went to CIMB ATM to transfer some money to pay for shawls which I booked last night with Monera Shop. Dek kerana terlalu excited nak bayar shawls, boleh pula jadi bengong seketika. After queuing, like usual lah babe I shoved in my card and do the button pressing here and there and then a receipt popped out. I was quite baffled because the receipt came out first before the card (usually the card popped out first). Being a bit confused, I pulled both the card and the receipt. The receipt is so important okay? It will be a proof for payment. You know how online shopping works.

Yeah I was so sure that I did pull the frigging card and shove it into my purse. I was hurrying into the car to snap the receipt as a proof of payment. After snapping some photos, I double checked the card of which I thought I had inserted into my purse. I was shocked to see the card wasn't there!!! So many times I did the digging and searching until every single thing in the purse was scrambled. Nonetheless, I was hopeless. I began to panick. What if I forgot to take the card? What if the card slipped from my fingers while I was hurrying just now? What if people took out my money?? Panicked, I searched inside my shoulder bag, through the files and also below the car seat. After rummaging through here and there without any solid result, panic level increased and I was like "Ya Allah what's wrong with me??? Today I am being exceptionally careless and clumsy!" I whispered in despair.  

Being distraught, I locked the car and went to the ATM to search for the card. Unfortunately, it wasn't there to be found. Okay now just imagine how restless I was. Many things struck the chaotic mind, stirring more havoc to trigger unnecessary alarming feelings. My blood was pumping adrenaline. I was then going back into the car, and tried to think of the solution. Then I thought I should go to the counter and ask the officer to block my account. Driving with fear of losing the money, I went to CIMB located in UMT. I had to queue, again. It was not worthy though since once I reached the officer, the officer said I should just call the number to block the account. Then I called the number and alhamdulillah it was finally blocked. But once your account is blocked you must apply for a new card. So it seems.

At the evening I went to CIMB, again, to request for a new card. Knowing that I was gonna be charged with RM12 for the loss of the card, I checked for money in my purse. Surprisingly, suddenly my eyes caught the sight of the annoyingly thought-to-be-lost-card inside a small compartment of the purse!!!! Arghhh!!!! It was stuck behind the small picture that I carry all the time inside the purse. Why did you not shout back when I was looking for ya, dear card????!!! UGH. Okay that was lame and a total shame, Jannah. Having to unnecessarily worry over such thing that actually should not happen is so stupid okay? Well it was my fault to be careless this time. Padahal tak perlu block pun. Kad cuma terselit celah gambar. Mata tak nampak. Ya Allah how stupid I was. Selama ni tak pernah selit ikut celah tu, hari ni tangan gatal gile nak menyelit kad celah gambar. Masya ALLAH!! 

Pengajarannya ialah, manusia sememangnya makhluk yang lemah. Penglihatan terhad. Salah letak sikit da gelabah. Satu lagi, jangan hepi sangat kalau beli shawl online. Entah elok entah idokk. Huhu.

gambar hiasan 

p/s: things happen for reasons... appreciate what happens in your life. they are there to teach you something


Dea Day said...

I would like to share my experience about leaving ATM card unattended (ewah cam tinggal budak-budak).

Aku pernah tertinggal kad atm dekat Bangsar (I'm living in Damansara). Bila dah two days at home baru perasan kad hilang. but fortunately (taktau la kot memang practice dia cmtu). Kalau kad hilang kat ATM, it's not like people can use it without the pin no, except when people are smart enough to write it on the card itself. As i was saying, fortunately, automatic block. and the procedure of getting a replacement card is easy breezy. aku pun pakai cimb jugak. I dunno, just my two cents. Cuma kena ingatlah, lepas ni kena selalu peka bila keluarkan atm card dari tempat dia bersemayam. ewah. tudia.

ermafatiha said...

I like the p/s one! nih janah, kalut duk tentu pasal plollll...hahh semangat beli online shopping

Jαnnαhツ said...

Dayah, aku rasa otomatik block tu sebab ada attempts utk keluarkan duet dari akaun ko. Aku cepat2 suh orang cimb block. sebab memang bimbang sangat. pakcik kaunter tu cakap account hanya akan diblock sebab dua reason je, kita sendiri yg block ataupun ada org cuba ceroboh akaun tu baru auto block. so maybe da ada org yg cuba2 masukkan pin pastu sampai limit dia block. mujur la org yg nak cuba ceroboh tu x bernasib baik kan?

Ema, p/s? Ahaha betul la kan xpasal2 kalut lebih2. kehkehkeh

Dea Day said...

Jannah, good thing we don't usually share pin no. with strangers..

Jαnnαhツ said...

yes... never share anything personal with strangers. especially on banking

p/s: online banking pun cam bahaya gok

MalayScientist said...

hahaha...tak tau nak cakap pe..ccsss!

kalu aku kene mesti cuak gler..mesti peluh gler...
and memang tension bile tau yg rupenye mende tu still wujud lg ngan kite.

It's ok though. Things happen for reasons. Ye nak suruh mu belanje aku la tuh haha *tetibe

Kalu org yg pandai hack, mesti bleh access kad tu tanpa tahu no pin

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