Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mystical Scent that Fades Away

Assalamualaikum les incroyables.

Here I am, ranting on how I keep mustering the receding ambience of Eid by going to open houses and walimah with my dearest family. I just happen to be someone who love telling stories and sharing things that happen in my life and portray all these memory lanes inside this little blog of mine. Please do not ridicule me. If you do not like my blog, please leave. I never force anyone to read my blog. I just love writing and this is a way I release my tension and be myself. Writing is hard but it's invigorating to me. Coz I get to express certain things I cannot express by talking so I'd rather go for writing posts like one I'm doing now.

Some people love to talk. Some others love to remain silent. Some may prefer writing rather than talking as a way of informing other people news or stories. One of the reasons I opt for writing is because it's a hobby. Everyone has at least one little hobby right? Errr actually I know one person who has no hobby at all and it quite baffles me because most of the times, people would have at least one hobby they love to do. Having a hobby that you can be crazily passionate about is so good. It makes you reach a total freedom of expressing yourself through the ways you seem fit for yourself. It makes you feel great when you can be so engrossed doing something you enjoy the most. You will feel AWESOME! Hah, yeah that's how I feel. 

I love writing and I love take photos of scenery and people. Photography is another platform where one's hobby plus talent can be seen and appreciated. I'm not saying I am talented. Maybe if there's any, it would be only a speck of talent, flickering inside me like a small candle fleeting in the wind. Acewah the analogy is too melancholic hahah. Taking photos require innate talent and also interest. If you are interested in photography, it would be a good way of expressing yourself. Why? Coz what always been said by people out there, picture speaks thousands of words. 

Durian is the King of fruit. Mangosteen is Queen of fruit. Together they make a good couple heheh *coconut pun nak interframe*

Sweet little flower

I love these pics. You loathe this thong? No!! The song! *quoted from Supernatural parody*

Bila bosan kita main buai. Hehehe

Haha to Chichi. Aishiteruyoo!!

From left: Dekmat, Koyah and le super narcissist

Siyes gelang bff bagi mmg cantik. Tapi sebab dia suka melonggarkan dirinya, aku takut nak pakai sebab takut hilang. So ko better duduk diam-diam dalam bekas brooches okay?

p/s: suka mengenangkan kembali 2 minggu yg lepas masa tengah sibuk sambut raya. rasa macam nak ulang lagi saat-saat itu. ecewahhhh


Dea Day said...

Oh hello Jane..Post sikit queen of fruit tu.. rase nk makam pulop..hahaha

Aujinz said...

sedapnya manggiss... XD

Jαnnαhツ said...

emm. manggis memanng best. tapi kaler dia ah memang susah nak tanggal kalu kene baju huuhuu

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