Thursday, September 05, 2013

Bukannya ape

"Aku bukannye bodoh. Tapi aku cuma jenis yang berhaluan kanan. Bukan haluan kiri."

Tadi masa aku join presentation budak LI dengan kawan master aku yg sorang ni, aku rasa very esaited. Mcm la aku yg nak present. Harhar. Jeles tgok org da sampai stage tu. Stage di mana data dah pon sufficient utk dipersembahkan ke tatapan umum. Well research is about seeking the truth and also sharing knowledge.  Aku? Don't ask my progress so far. I'm kinda stuck in the mud, surviving with only a help from a merely small piece of tree branch. Ibarat berpaut pada dahan yang rapuh. Ya, begitulah analoginya.

Just so you know la, I love presentation. I love to talk and explain things to people. I enjoy it. Yes i do although at first it does lead me to having stomachache due to irregular bowel syndrome which triggered the secretion of adrenaline pumping all over your body. Hurmm. That's the beauty of presentation.

But in science,  one cannot present a fact without concrete evidence. If you are to tell people why and how this phenomenon is happening over here,  you need to justify your statement. How to do so?  You need to search for the evidences which can later on be represented into sets of data. Then these data can be used to justify whatever you had claimed before. You must also look into past researchers' studies. Comparing and referring are two different yet interchangeable ways of contemplating datas. They are inextricably linked to each other (am I being wayy off topic??)

What I'm saying is that I love reading jurnal and being amazed by the many facts regarding so many compounds around us. Also, when I got to see these people presenting their results of the study, I somehow feel lifted and invigorated. Wow, I love science. Nevertheless, once I got to complete labwork hands-on, I get cramped in the brain. Ugh!!! So lame. 

I must admit that I am using more part of my right brain than the left one. I can get crazily engrossed reading all those sorts of journal with only slight lethargy coming over that is mostly bearable. But doing labwork always make me feel so tensed. You know, when you deal with all sorts of numbers and datas and equations, your head becomes mucked up. I'm not so wildly keen of numbers coz I am a right brainer, like I said before.  Huhu.

Maybe I am blowing out of proportion when it comes to doing labwork. I tend to overreact. Poor me.
I can spend hours and hours of writing essays or blog post without  being bothered of exhaustion. My body can take that. Unlike for the part  when I have to use my left hemisphere. Ugh its getting ugly.
Okay,  enough for now I suppose. Assalamualaikummmmm. 

P/s: I'm not imbecile but rather I am somewhat lazy.....

Err amik gambar rajin pulakk *sigh*

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