Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Human Sensor

Fear is something that you blow out of proportion yourself. Blow out of proportion (IDIOMS) which means overreact/ overstate/ to react too seriously/ be overly concerned with.  So fear is something that comes from an overreacting feeling we created ourselves. Meaning, fear is something that can be dealt with. It comes from our thinking. Stop overreacting and treat those things as ordinary things, then only you will feel calm and steady in facing those things. 

Today I cannot help sneezing. Maybe the smell of the airborne chemical had triggered my sinus to sneeze it loud and proud. I have a keen sense of smell therefore I always sense bad smell and also good smell better than anyone else. I think so. Hehehe...

So I have come to a conclusion that the moment I sneezed, the chemical in the air is too much of danger to be inhaled. Hohhohohoho... So apa tunggu lagi? Keluar dari lab sekarang! *hehehe emosional sangat apesal*

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