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This movie is bizarre, strange, weird, odd, quirky, eccentric, freakish and peculiar in an unusually disturbing way. Not really sure what is the message it wants to convey to the audience but to me, it emphasizes a theme; OBSESSION. People have their own obsession right? And it could be as ugly as anyone can imagine. As you can see in this movie, it reveals the story regarding the mystery of this small town in Japan whose people were slowly being consumed by a curse. This curse made people obsessed with anything spiral, from as simple as having a dinner with spiral-shaped fish balls to committing suicide in a spinning washing machine. There were even incidents on how some people had transformed into giant snail (lol??). Creepy and ironic enough. You gotta watch it yourself to know what I mean.

Kirie (Eriko Satsune) and Shuiji (Fhi Fan) are childhood friends who had grown to be a lovely young couple who spend most of their times during the day together. They would go to school together on Shuiji's bike with Kirie sitting on the pillion. It was nice to see how the director portrayed the sweet and innocent side of love story for these two young lovebirds.

Fhi Fan is too cute for a boy, isn't he?

Kirie's naughty face when she suddenly thought of what had been asked by Shuiji earlier after school. 

"Hey, Kirie. Say,will you elope with me?" Shuiji's sudden and shocking question had left Kirie dumbfounded and utterly confused. "Well, it's too early for an elope, Shuiji-kun!" Keiri sputtered in her silence; smiling.

A scene when Shuiji was telling Kirie about his worries on his father's sudden change in behaviors and obsession on corkscrew patterns. Kirie thought that Shuiji was tensed because he had overworked himself in studying. Hmm. 

Handsome delinquent in Kirie's class. This guy looks like Aso-kun from One Litre of Tears. Hmm.

Yamaguchi, Kirie's stalker who had always ambushed Kirie's on her way back from school. Well, Yamaguchi isn't the one to be blamed because Kirie's innocence and beauty can charm any guy that they'll do even the craziest thing to attract her attention. He wanted to make Kirie fall for him but ultimately he failed because Kirie already had someone special. That's why she always ignored this boy's persistent attempts of approaching her. Indeed Yamaguchi had went a lil bit too far in pestering Kirie that he'd pull stupid pranks on her. Any girl would feel troubled if treated that way, innit?

Kirie and her BFF during PE class.  Kirie was constantly being out of space due to Shuiji's problem especially after she saw his father's peculiar acts. Love to see how cute Japanese kids were back then. Now, mostly there are plastics with zero true beauty.

Kirie and Shuiji during the funeral of Shuiji's father who died because of washing machine. He himself went inside the washing machine, a deathly attempt of making his own uzumaki  (being hurdled by violent force in washing machine would surely cause severe injuries and finally death). Well, he wasn't in his right mind due to the unusually weird curse/plague.

"Call it a reporter's instinct, but I got a feeling that having you around's a big comfort for him," I love the way that reporter convince Kirie regarding her presence during Shuiji's unfortunate moments of losing his father in such a tragic incident. The reporter tried to calm Kirie who felt that she couldn't do anything to help his boyfriend who was deeply troubled with such an avalanche of misfortunes and ordeals when his mom was also devastated after the death of his father. I think what the reporter said was true. A friend's companion is very important in such circumstances, what more of a girlfriend's companion for Shuiji hehe.

Being extremely frightened, Kirie leaned towards Shuiji after witnessing a freakishly spiral-like accident that killed Yamaguchi and the reporter who digs up stories regarding the town's past stories and incidents. The reporter was in his way to inform Shuiji regarding the curse of the town but failed to convey the important messages after he bumped into Yamaguchi who had suddenly appeared on the road- an attempt of making himself to be remembered by Kirie after she dumped him for Shuiji. Crazy enough lol!

"Time for us to leave the town." Shuiji said this after seeing a breaking news on how the whole town was nearly become totally engulfed by the mysterious curse. Feared that they would soon be affected by the same curse, Shuiji decided to get out of the town with his girlfriend.

Nevertheless, it was too late for Shuiji. Before they got to go anywhere, Shuiji was infected. He was no longer himself and had eventually attacked Kirie who was holding him tight, wailing and weeping out of believing he was dead. The curse of Uzumaki seemed to get to each and every one of the villagers before they even realized it was an ugly curse which they got infected with. 

The final scene was obscure though. Not pretty sure what had actually happened to Kirie because at the end, there was a rewind of an earlier scene-a glimpse of Kirie telling to viewers that she was gonna tell a story about a weird thing happening to a small town in Japan. So there's no telling whether Kirie survived the plague or not. Hmm, mysterious till the last drop huh? Interesting. 

I love Japanese movie. Though sometimes the story is weird and the main point of the whole story is somewhat hard to understand, they are still unique and worth watching. 

Fhi Fan and Eriko Hatsune. I heart you both. You two make a really cute geek couple. Kawaai desu ne!!

p/s: watching a 2000 movie after 13 years of its release. noob dohhhh hahahha


hamizah adam said...

title dia uzumaki ek ? ingatkan pasal naruto. macam best je, tapi tak minat sangat laa movie jepong ni. ehehe. baca kat sini pun jadi laa. :)

Jαnnαhツ said...

aah kan mcam uzumaki naruto. saya minat gilos movies and dramas jepang. memang tiptop ah cite dorang.... hehe

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