Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LiMiT *japanese drama 2013*

Limit; yet another drama worth watching. Like always, Japan never disappoints you with its quality plots and distinct characters in each and every one of the drama/film produced. That's why JDrama has always been my favourite. JDRAMA saikooo!

The story revolves around a bunch of classmates who had survived a bus accident which happened due to the lackadaisical act of the bus company that assigned the driver through an unreasonable shift. During their 5-day journey of staying alive throughout the ordeal, many things happened. Their past had made them turn on each other. Instead of sticking together and having strong camaraderie, they had chauvinism and prejudice which had stirred anger and triggered some bad incidents among them. 

Meet Konno Mizuki, the protagonist of the series. The incident of their school bus straying off the cliff had taught her a lot. Before, she believed that this life requires one to be able to read the atmosphere in order to avoid hurting others and being hurt. But then after the life-claiming accident only she realized that life is larger than that. 

Usui san, the girl who taught that she was being a burden to her friends due to her wounded ankle. She was cornered by Moriko who had her temporary psychotic break. Eventually Usui ran away after snatching the sickle from Moriko, hoping to seek help herself. However, Konno found her and tried to persuade her back to the cave. But finally Usui was killed in an accident involving Hinata, the one and only guy who survived the catastrophe.

Konno was sad when Kamiya told her that Hinata could be the one to be suspected in the case of Usui's death. Hinata has been Konno's swimming clubmate and he had always encouraged her whenever she felt down. Having to doubt his boyfriend was excruciating and confusing. But then again, things happen for reasons. 

 Morishige Moriko had been repeatedly bullied by her classmates. That is why she had become extremely driven during the team survival throughout the mess. Having the sickle made her most powerful among her friends. Due to her dad's abusive acts, she had become more timid and reclusive. That was one of the reasons why she had been a subject of bully at her school. 

Haru; the upset girl who had been depressed over the death of her friend, Sakura Himesawa. She blamed Konno for taking away her original position as Sakura's number 1 friend. She was quite revenge-driven when she almost stabbed Konno after a provocation by Moriko. Fortunately Kamiya's swift act had saved Konno from the mishap.

Kamiya was the most composed one in this drama. Amidst their struggle to escape the unfortunate fate, she was the one who remained smart and cool. She thought that being distraught and restless will not help her going nowhere. That's why she tried to be as calm as possible in order to be able to bring herself and survive the tragedy. Because she knows no matter what happens, she had to return back to her other siblings since she was their only mom-cum-dad. 

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