Friday, December 27, 2013

Candida Rugosa

Scenery of Serenity. That's how I picture a beach. With the violent waves hitting those piercing rocks, tiny shells embedded in those grains of sands and swaying coconut trees, one can be simply engulfed in a calming ambiance of the clean and beautiful beach. Let's enjoy the breathtaking vista of Pantai Tok Jembal. The view was splendid even when the sky was gloomy without blaring sunlight. Well the weather was quite cloudy this morning, thwarting our initial intention of snapping some sunrise photos. Okay lets roll the camera and ACTION! Yihhiieeee yehhhiiiii (nada ikan belacak). 

I love Candida Rugosa!!!! Err, I mean, candid pictures. Hehe.

Time to skodeng!!!!

Those chunks of rocks are ideal for us to perch precariously while enjoying the nice view.

Lets do some climbing!

Nice view aight???

Cantik kan? Cantik kan? Saya suka saya suka! (Gaya MeiMei)

Hey yaa sistahh! Koyah has the sickness of laughing non-stop once triggered. Maybe her sickness is somewhere between gelastic seizure and pseudobulbar effect. Hehe. I don't know how to cure my sister's syndrom. Ottoke??? Any idea guys??

Ni sape pulak jemur shawl chiffon merata-rata nie?

Selfies and camwhoresss

Otousannn!!!!  Tasukete onegaiiiii!!!! *paranoid*

Banting most wanted yawwww~

Love this shot!

Then it duplicates itself

Warghhh I got twin Koyah!!! Spoooky.

Warghhhhh da jadi quadruplets!!!! Jangan jadi QUAINTS please?????

I got twin fathers??? Ottokee???? Arghhhhhh

Me + Sister = Gong Badak Most Wanted yooooowhhhh~

Are you giving speech???? 

Oh no! My sister turns to a Hulkinah! Hulkinah ni pakai baju marooon.

Yeayyy balik makan nasi kerabu ayam bakar. Sedapppppp~ Thanks mommm. Nom nom!

Ma and YUDHA celop

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