Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hot Air


People say I walk fast. Yes, I must admit that. I cannot deny the fact that time is of the essential so walking fast can save a lot of time hokayyyy??? Look at Japanese, Koreans, Brits; they all walk fast. That is why they are advancing in many aspects of life. That's why I am trying to adapt this culture of fast walking, though some people interpret my way of walking as being in hurry state aka clumsy aka gaduhh (in Terengganu slang). Gaduh ye bukan bergaduh hikhik. Even Dido walks home fast from a neighbor's lawn whenever he saw our car entering the garage (lols). 

No matter what people say, I will stick to the way I am; fast-pacing.

In this life, the presence of people in our microcosm of life can mean two things; to change us or for us to change them. Simple. Hidup mesti berbudi. Mesti banyak tolong orang and most importantly, tidak berharap orang akan balas pertolongan kita. Biar Allah yang bagi balasan tu. Susahkan nak ikhlas?

Hurm. Tadi while I was busy marking these kids' quiz papers, I cannot help myself eavesdropping these two pals. At that time, there was only me and another friend in the lab so total 4 people. One of these two pals was saying that a junior has written a report (if I'm not mistaken la report ke hape entah) stating she was picking that pal of mine as a mentor because of her good research blablabla good presentations blablablaa. To me it was a hot air, as if she was condescending about her past research. Boastful speech is annoyingly puke-inducing. Ewww. With that loud roaring voice, I don't think that I'm in the state of blowing things out of the proportion when I say that she could be heard from each corner of the lab lols... What's the point of saying such things? Isn't that just like "entering a basket and lift it yourself??" (literally translated from masuk bakul hangkat sendiri). Doesn't it make you feel riak when you proudly chitchat about your own achievement? Come on. It's not a good thing. Just like what I'm doing now; backbiting. But I am not stating any name so it's acceptable I guess cause my main intention here is to take lessons from this incident; not to defame anyone. 

Like before this. She said that she can hardly get her SV's signature because that SV joked and casually said "Convert PhD dulu la baru I sign haha," Yes I know she performed well in her research that she could afford a conversion to PhD study but there is no need to boast all that! You may hurt others' feelings. Yes okay I know you might be lucky for having a smooth master journey that everything is going allll fineeeee but please consider others' feeling. Some may have to extend their study due to some unavoidable reasons nobody would ever ask for. Some may face undesirable occurrence during their master study that all those tests had to delay. Coz not everybody is born to be fortunate and to be lucky and less unfortunate (redundant hahaha). 

To me, it's better for one to keep silent and get engrossed with working rather than ranting about oneself. It's sickening; NARCISSISM is.

Contoh je la, contoh. 

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