Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Why do I feel like the passion to write is withering? This is not normal. Just like what happened to my bowel today. Usually I go to toilet only once every two days but today, my body made an extraordinary exception; I went THRICE to toilet! Amazing dude!!!

Is it because my daily life is getting more and more boring?? Usually I can always rant about random things in my blog. But now I don't feel like doing it. Not because I have no more interest in blogging. It's just, the mood is not coming-the mood to blog that is.

Even right now I feel like I'm forcing myself to write something here. I don't know why but my fingers feel so heavy and sluggish to move on this white keyboard of obsolete computer. No more rabid fingers crawling on top of the keyboard. Ugh ugly mehhhh.

Is my life dull and lonely??? No it's not. You are not alone as long as you have Allah.


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