Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dasar Scaffold

Ma sha Allah! Cantiknya hydrogel nie. Kalaulah bleh sintesis macam nie jugak.

Rasa sadis jugak bila dapat tahu orang tiba-tiba marah kat kita. Well sape suka kena marah, iye dok? Sebelum tu aku nampak dia senyum je. Tapi pahit macam peria. Walaupun pahit senyumannya, tetap kutelan kerna aku tau, pahitnya senyuman itu berpunca dari sikapku sendiri yang cuai lalu meng-agitate perasaan menyampah tuan empunya badan yang senyum itu. Well, I don't blame her. It was my fault.

Tersentak dan sentap jugakla bila dapat tahu rupa-rupanya dia marah giller kat aku sampai amik cuti daripada masuk lab. Mesti korang tertanya-tanya, apakah kesalahan aku untuk dihukum sedemikian rupa? Apa barang sampai cuti bagai? Teruk sangat ke apa yang aku buat untuk dilayan sebegitu??

Alkisahnya, aku memang bersalah. Okay sila sediakan sebakul ayat cursing sekarang, kalau nak tambah timbangan dosa la. Haha. Actually, aku hilangkan magnetic stirrer kepunyaan lecturer kami yang dikongsi bersama kegunaannya. Mungkin dia rasa aku tak berusaha cari walhal petang tu aku siap geledah bakul sampah sebelah meja aku tu semata-mata nak cari magnetic stirrer yang kecil sekecediput. Aku rasa aku mungkin tercampakkan mende tu lam bakul tu. Sebab seingat aku, aku ada bilas magnetic stirrers and lap guna tisu lab. Then aku tinggal atas meja sebab tak sabo-sabo nak balik lunch (well untung kan rumah dekat hehehe). Lagipun, eksperimen masih ongoing so I just let them be. Balik je ke lab semula, terus hilang. Macam magik. Sadis kan?

Nak buat macam mana, memang tak jumpe dalam bakul tu. Maybe aku tak cari betul-betul. Ya. Maybe. 

Dia kata pagi tu dia datang awal dan cari balik magnetic stirrer tu. Dan dia jumpe. Alhamdulillah, lega dengar dia cakap macam tu. Aku sangat appreciate usaha dia cari barang yang aku hilangkan. Yes I do. But the things that made me quite sad was when she texted me saying that she was furious when she was looking for the stirrers that morning. She said that she was angry to the point of cursing me (but I don't know what types of cursing) and she said she wanted to apologize for saying those things to me. I was sad coz she was saying bad things behind me. And I really hope that she didn't shout and scream while cursing me until it became audible to other students in the lab. If yes, it would be such an embarrassment la. People know you lost other's things. It is something humiliating. Memang kena cop bollah la lepas nie. (note: bollah : clumsy)

On the night I received the texts, I was shot with shock. It was unprecedented. Yes aku pun dah ada pra-rasa yang memang dia marah kat aku. Dan aku tak persoalkan hak dia untuk merasa marah. Namun, apa yang membuatkan aku terkilan ialah, dia tak cakap pun dia da jumpa balik menda alah tu, and dia siap marah aku belakang aku. I was mad at first but thinking that it's better when she went all mad behind me, rather than having her shouting at me directly, coz of the 'crime' I accidentally committed, in front of another load of people. If she did that, I swear I won't continue my study here. Why? Embarrassment can make people do crazy things.

All in all, aku memang merasa bersalah sebab memang aku yang bersalah dan memang patut kena marah ngan Miss A dan aku tak layak merasa marah dan dendam kat dia sebab at least she said the truth and tried her best to clear her chest and eventually clear this mess of which I made in the first place. Done (how's that for rymes)

Hidup USIM! Walaupun aku duduk dalam lab UMT, tapi tetap bangga sarung lab USIM. Hehehe... (walopun imej usim jadi terbalik sebab mirror image) MISU?

Note: Miss A cuti bukan sebab aku semata but knowing that her leave is a little bit got something to do with me was quite heartbreaking. Oh!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Look at you

I get scared, the more you look at me
I guess I keep making you cry
Because my scarred heart might pull you close,
I difficultly turned away

I am afraid, the farther I get from you
Because it feels like I can’t ever go back
In case I might lose you forever, in case you might forget me
So I can’t go anywhere

I don’t know why I’m like this
But the one thing I do know is that I love you

* I love you, I love you
No one in this world can replace this love
You are at a place where I can reach
But I can’t have you
But though tears come, I still look at you

I don’t know where the end is
But the one thing I do know is that I can’t stop

* Repeat
If only I can go back to the beginning
Would we have been different? Would we have been happy?

The more I love you, the lonelier I get
I can’t stand this longing
So I can’t push you out of the deepest part of my heart
Though tears come, I still look at you
I miss you so I look at you

Suara gempak dan boleh menangis dengar mamat ni nyanyi. 

Jung Dong Ha....


Yeah a bit narcissistic I know. Lets be positive today!

Part terminologies, part vocabs or part maybe just some new words.

Fibrin- fibrous, non-globular protein involved in the clotting of blood

Necrosis- a form of cell injury that results in the premature death of cells in living tissue (often fatal)

Debridement- removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissues to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue (medical)

Detrimental- harmful

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anata wa hitori janaiyo

Love being alone or being left alone?

Lain makna dua tu.

As for me, I love being left alone but I don't like being alone because the presence of people is important. Being among people but getting to do my own work all by myself is important to me. Doing works amidst those ranting kids not minding their business is better than doing my business all alone by myself, having nobody to turn to. You got what I'm saying?

Yeah right!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gaseumi Appa...

Tak payah nak gaseumi appa sangatlah. Kenapa nak sakit hati? Tak puas hati ape lagi? Belajar dah dekat ngan umah. Research pon tajuk senang sebab kau pernah buat. Plausible, available, viable, not impossible la der.

Bukan pasal tu aku sakit hati!

Aku sakit hati sebab ada 3 dots atas muka. Benci! Sejak keluar rumah and aktif ke lab, muka jadi makin whtdeyhtgfiektkwatghhplkdhks!!

Sebab tula bagus pompuan pakai purdah. Gerenti takde masalah kulit ni. Wuwuwu. Sedey...

Muka dulu (tupun lepas edit kehkehkeh)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Of Capricious Me and a Sojourn in Nilai

Assalamualaikum peeps.

The night before setting off to Nilai, I was being way too emotional because I didn't get to reserve a homestay nor hotel since most of them are all full. What baffles me most is why and how the GE 2013 had to do with the inundation of customers in those homestays and hotels in vicinity of Nilai district. At the end, I fell asleep earlier than ever that night. Before I slept, I texted  my lecturer asking whether her homestay is booked or not. Expecting the answer would be disappointing, I draped a blanket and went into a deep snore, hoping the stress would fade away. During midnight, I woke up to read her message and fortunately, it was a good reply. Dr texted me saying that her homestay is still open for booking. I was relieved. So from being all cranky, moody and grumpy, I turned into a happy girl with a grinning face. Ahha! Yes it was unexpected la kan sebab out of sudden semua homestay penuh. Tup tup, rumah lecturer tetibe kebetulan je free. It's a good coincidence. Or maybe, Fate? 

 So we set off from KT to Nilai at 10 am. 

In front of the homestay at Kota Seriemas. Lawa kan rumah nie?

At USIM. At this moment I was sprinting back and forth around chancellory, pestering those people at the counters to get all documents set right. 

This is our new FST building!! Amazing right?

Ce teka petang tu kami ke mana?

Nilai 3 of course. 

At the evening, we went to Nilai 3. Because it was Friday, not many people thronged the place.

Hepi semacam sampai ter-thumbs up depan kedai aksesori pengantin pulak tu. Siyes takde makna pape.

I bought a bag worth merely RM22.90. Cheap enough! To be worn during lab works. Okay la kan?

Japanese cotton yang super awesome! Cantik betul la kain-kain kat Jelita textiles. Buat blouse je lah yang ni. 

Pagi tu 8.30 makan roti canai kat Mannusalwa. Pukul 5 petangnya pulak baru jumpe nasik!! Bayangkanlah tahap kebuluran semua perut yang ada. Hish. Sadis bebenor.

Stopped at the mosque for jamak prayers. Those toilet icons were somewhat quirky. It looked like those two is having some kind of silent conversation. Haha.

My mom.

Wow, I don't believe I was this emotional. Aha! I could get scary at times.

Believe it or not, I'm still a pensive person....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cheeky Amanda

Hey meet Amanda my granddaughter!  Hahaha granddaughter la sangat padahal aku ngan atuk dia sepupu je, sepupu belah ayah. Hehehe.

Amanda jom amik gambar ngan nenek!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Berat 66


Hari ni aku da stat masuk lab sebagai RA. Kalau ikutkan tarikh mula bertugas, actually 15 April yakni semalam. Kira hari ni second day la. First day pun aku takdelah buat apa-apa yang produktif melainkan senyum dan sengih macam kerang busuk kat budak-budak post-grads yang ada dalam labz busy wak keja tu (wait, aku ni da jadi post-grad student da???? wahahahahai seronok pulak gelar diri sendiri camtu...)

Lab kimia tu agak cramped la. Tapi the thing that I love about the lab is the attitude of the people working there. Budak-budak tu seme mesra dan baik je especially Arifah. Arifah budak kelantan and da jadi budak master kat situ dari sem lepas da. Aku je yang masuk lambat. Kira aku ni late bloomer la. Bloom ke? 

So far aku cuma scavenge chemicals yang ada untuk buat film tu. Alhamdulillah, prosedurnya agak mudah. Lebih kurang macam cara nak buat kek lapis. Padahal tak pernah pon buat kek lapis sarawak yang sedap amaat tu. Makan je pernah. Hehe. Tapi if Allah wills, aku boleh je buat menda tu. Bak kata Dr Khairul, the research is not impossible. Yabedabedu!! 

Tabiat lama dari USIM.... Conteng atas glove... ngehngeh (gelak bajet kiut padahal diri da tua bangka)

p/s: berat 66 tinggi 167. bahaya bahaya.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

lapar sepanjang hari...

bukannye segar sepanjang hari saat kau sapu Rexona kat celah ketiak.... (by the way aku tak pakai Rexona)

Salam bloggers. Meet Om Nom, candy-lover.

Hari ini aku mengalami satu fenomena yang amat hampeh dan pelik tapi benar. Just imagine, sejak pagi hari ni aku da makan dalam 5 pinggan nasi! Tapi yang buat aku heran bila aku langsung tak kenyang after makan 5 pinggan tu. Dasyat! Ye aku tau. (p/s: aku baca Bismillah la wey)

Kalau dulu, aku ni memang jenis kuat makan (sekarang pun). That's why aku membesar dengan cepat. Hehe. Buktinya? Setiap tahun baju skolah mesti tukar tau. Masa kecik-kecik dulu, makan la banyak mana pon, memang takde masalah. Pagi-pagi automatik akan kuar bahan toksik tu. Rutin. Sekarang, jangan harap la labu. Okay by the way I do look like a pumpkin now coz I'm dangerously gaining weight. Dang, it's depressing!

Feed me now!!!

Bila da tua bangka ni, and tetiba nafsu lapar kembali menyerang ibarat gunting dalam lipatan, aku merasa pelik. Pelik la sebab corak pemakanan berubah secara mendadak. Makan makan makan, tapi tak kenyang-kenyang. Apalah nasib badan. Macam mana nak kurus balik if asyik makan. Ya Robbi.

Just so you know, tadi baru je ngap 3 ketul roti bakar during supper but I still feel hungry!! Is this hunger? Entah-entah penyakit. Penyakit kebulur. Kihkih. 

okay Patrick ko memang melampau kalau bab makan nie..

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Relevance of Abstinence, Prevention and Emotion-caressing

Just now I watched a show in telly. It is a talk about counselling those victims of you-know-what. According to the statistics reported by thestar.com.my, for every 15 minutes this you-know-what happens in Malaysia. And 80% culprits are close to the victims.  

Just imagine how many people had suffered and are suffering from trauma after the humiliating incident. That incident is a mark of a very painful moment in life the victims had to deal with. It is something we need to take action on. This is a very serious matter.

Never did we have to think of the same incident which occurred in India when two foreigners got raped by the locals in two separate cases. Never did we have to take any course of actions on such cases since it happened in others' country. Just let the country decide because their country their law. It is enough if we take lessons from it and do our best to prevent those things from happening in our beloved country. We need to take course of actions and law must be enforced as to make all civilians to be abstinent from making the crimes.

However, the rape cases are increasing day by day here in our country. The question is why? Why this happens? What measures did we take? Why the measures are not working? Who is to blame when all those measures are not actually helping? How do we make sure that the punishment imposed on those criminals is proportionate to the crimes committed? 

I'm weeping but nobody's consoling and coaxing me...

The main puzzle here is how do we prevent this thing from happening again and not just focusing on how we counsel those victims after they survived the painful ordeal. Emotional-caressing is also crucial as to save the victims from being overly traumatized and to guide them to live their live like others. These people are victims, and they should not be looked with the eyes of disgust and hatred. They deserve the same treatment like others as they never wishes to be imposed by such incident. Yes, the counselling session is of course important but the utmost important thing is to identify the root cause of the problem. If we just focus on cleaning up their (rapists) mess, there will be more cases mushrooming in the future. This is not something we want. This is not the correct prevention measure. 

I miss you Korean DRAMA

You watch Korean Drama I Miss You from Chamsarang at TV9 right? The drama is about the unfairness of the judgment imposed on the culprits who had committed gang rapes. Many had become victims to this grotesque behavior of some dirty loose bags who had finally got the pleasure to be roaming freely on planet Earth after being jailed for some years (the punishment is not proportionate with the crime though). Bora, a high-school student was one of the victims and was dead due to the trauma. Being driven by revenge on her deceased daughter, Bora's mom had killed the rapist. Bora committed suicide after she was being raped by those scumbags due to overwhelming traumas she experienced after the incident. Just watch the rest and you know why and how the injustice had driven people crazy. 

All in all, what type of punishment serves well for the well-being of the society in the future? Who dares to answer me?

answer me, onegai??

p/s: Relevance of Abstinence, Prevention and Emotion-caressing (R.A.P.E)

Friday, April 05, 2013

me against the world...

I did what I needed to do. All things were said. All things needed to be spitted out were spitted out. It was relieving, but still it marked a starting of a journey. The journey is far much harder than the previous one.

Not everyone agrees. Many opposes on what I said. I feel pain. I am so sad. Do I need to satisfy others' feelings again rather than satisfying mine? 

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wander in the Wonder and Ponder the Pounder

Evening with Eve. 

Unidentified species of fungus was found perching on the bark of dead coconut tree in our yard. Two stems of weeds were looking on the fungus. (somehow the orange-y color makes it looks like Ganoderma)

Fig or its scientific name, Ficus Carica (buah tin) contains a lot of nutrients. This fruit is among other plants which are stated in Al-Quran.

Ehhhh??? This is my sis doing a workout routine she learnt in her tae kwon do lessons. 

p/s: yes I need to rethink of my weight and reduce it to 55 kg!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Quench the Thirst

We are cool bloggers and we love Cool Blog because Cool Blog is awesome! 

Hey ya. Whassup? Ops. I should say Assalamualaikuumm.... Assalamualaikum peeps!

Today we went to Yayasan Terengganu to hand in the application forms. I drove. It was the first time my vigilant father let me drive that big o' car (MPV to be exact) to the town of Kuala Terengganu which is always jammed and packed with people and cars. Luckily nothing happened despite the road was a bit cramped with busy traffics (I must say some people do drive recklessly and always annoy me much!) It somehow felt like I just had my maiden voyage today (whatde maiden voyage if for the ships lolss). Yeah I know, screw flibbertigibbet me and my stupid statement. Shut up, blabbermouth!!!

Okay that is quite enough for psychotic breaks.

My sis who got that flying-colors results in SPM wishes to study in Chemical Engineering or Pharmaceuticals. She also applied for Actuarial Sciences. I don't give any thrust during her decision making. The only thing I told her is to pick up course not only based on her capabilities but also her PASSION. 

There are many SPM leavers who got excellent results hence making them qualified to apply critical courses like Medic, Engineering, Pharma yada yada yada. Yes, with the result they are qualified but is that what their hearts really want? Or is it because they dived into those challenging courses just because of fame or money? Or maybe because of the parents who want to brag on how brilliant their children are who are qualified into those fields that those parents influenced the child to make decisions? 

I had heard stories on how a boy got an excellent result but he actually doesn't really want to take such critical courses. In fact, he was more interested with art courses. However, it was due to his dear daddy and dearest mommy that he had to choose the path he didn't even opt for at the first place. So his life was carved by some other people who don't actually understand his real need and more importantly, passion. At the end, the boy would gradually lose his own self and you know what happens at the end. Hmmm. Life won't end up happy.

Passion is a serious thing to talk about. Passion is powerful. With passion, works won't felt like works. Works would be like games, and we will be happier and less stressed. If you have no passion nor enthusiasm in your life, it's like drinking a cool blog without the pearl/bubbles. It tastes plain. So as it goes with life. Our life would have no essence. Life would be dull and worthless. Is that kind of life we want to have?

Lets get back to the bottom line. En route home, we stopped by at GIANT and bought ourselves some esophagus-cooling drinks; COOL BLOGS! Hikhik. Coolblog is simply amazing. Always there to make my day.

Perlukah bergambar depan kedai CoolBlog?

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