Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Panic (contd)

Aku nyesal buat post to be continued. Kena buat susulan. Tak buat pun takde masalah sebenarnya. Sebab takde orang kisah pon. Hahahaha. Aku buat blog suka-suka je. Nak release tension. Okay sambung cite.


I still felt unrelieved when the tiny little thing was gone. While waiting for the solution to boil, I took a broom and started sweeping the floor around my working area. I pulled all the things out, turned every bottle over, and shoved them back in. It was exhausting coz lets face it, there were even 5L bottle of wastes. Heavy enough!!!! I wept my salty sweat which were dripping fast. My labmates were seemed to be oblivious about my behaviour. I don't understand why can't they bring themselves to ask as simple question as, "What are you looking for, Jannah?" Hmmm *sigh*. Was I as dull as a person non grata that nobody ever care for my distraught state like that of a mother losing her precious child????? 

I searched and searched again. Nevertheless, I met dead end. I was hopeless and almost gave up. Hoping for a miracle to happen, I came to a halt. I know miracle won't happen that easy. Sitting on the chair, I tried to find ways of forgiving myself. Coz I still felt guilty. Alas, the tiny thing is important. I was moody all day because of this trivial matter. My friend realized that and asked me why (finally one of them has come to their sense!). I told her I lost my smallest magnetic stirrer of 2 cm size. She said, she had had even smaller magnetic stirrers, which measures about less than 1 cm. I was shocked. So my magnetic stirrer can still be considered as big enough but it slipped my big fat clumsy hand due to my lackadaisical act.  She also added that the stirrer might get stuck at any iron parts under the desk since its magnetic you know. Hmmm.

I went back to give the last shot. Ducking, my eyes crawled in the area under the desk. Surprisingly, I saw this tiny white object attached under the ironmade desk. Alhamdulillah!!! Alhamdulillah!!! Thank you Allah. Though my efforts of sweeping the floor didn't bloom any result, at last Allah showed me the way. And also thanks to my friend who cared for me and gave me idea on how to possibly find the thing. Yeah!!

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