Sunday, January 05, 2014


It was a freakish incident. But still not as freakish as the one that happened before. 
You can read  it here: Freakish Foolish.

I was in the lab, preparing for a chemical reaction. Donning a shining white labcoat, I looked just like a doctor who is in her housemanship muahmuah (perasan). I was in an unreasonable hurry that I just grabbed everything I need and put it on my desk (I have this kind of lackadaisical attitude of doing things in a state of hurry which eventually results in utter clumsiness). After filling in the beaker with that white powder and mili-Q water, my fingers crawled into my drawer for a petri dish which I put my 'three stooges' in. Ahha, I reached that petri dish and abruptly opened the cap with the tip of my finger. I pulled the second biggest stooge; trying to separate it from its other two brothers (I'm talking about magnetic stirrers lolls). But because the second biggest fella stick too strong, I had to use extra force and unfortunately that extra force caused the smallest fella to fall off! 

Oh no!! It fell off onto the floor and went somewhere below the desk.  I didn't hear the cluttering sound of this fella hitting the white-marbled floor since that tiny thing produced inaudible decibel of sound therefore I cannot predict where it had bounced to. What to do? I squatted (and even almost crawled) and my eyes were wide open, probing the stuffed area under the desk. Why did I say stuffed? Because I can clearly see about 3 dusty pairs of worn shoes tucked under the desk, together with a filthy red basin which has this dead mini cockroach in it. Eww this is too gross. Bluerkkk! I nearly puked. Swiftly I grabbed those godforsaken things and pulled it out to ease my view. I was disappointed. There was no sight of any centimeter-long object; white in colour. I was agitated and started to feel mad with myself. Why was I clumsy??!!! WHY?? WHY?????????????????? Ughhhhhh!

The next thing I know, my works were getting out of track. My passion to work was fading away. My smile withered. I felt engulfed with sudden sorrow and despair. Thinking of my act of clumsiness had annoyed me. 

That evening, a friend of mine came and knowing I was all distraught when losing the daijinomono, she then told me, maybe that thing got stuck on the under surface of the steel desk. I kneel and had my had on the floor and to my surprise I saw the white magnetic stirrer stuck just like the way my friend thought it would have been. How could I not see nor sense the presence of that tiny thing when I was squatting and kneeling before? Ugh.

Thanks fella. Your idea saved my day. 

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