Monday, February 17, 2014



Today was a scary day. A weird thing happened to me. I cried. This is no common cry. I cried out of blue. As if someone else inside me who did the crying and weeping like a small baby after harboring so much heavy feeling inside. I can't even control the tears from falling. It was scary. What is wrong with me?

Yesterday, I had no appetite. I didn't eat lunch. I did my works without rest. It was like giving myself a punishment. Even today I had not much appetite either. It was weird. Coz I am a nasty eater. I eat a lot. So whenever, I lost my appetite, it's become something to worry for.

Lately, I became too sensitive. I watched this JDrama *so much JDrama lols*. The drama is so sweet and cheerful and funny that I don't bother hitting the replay button again and again. Nevertheless, when I reminisce the good scenes from the drama, I don't know why on earth did I suddenly shed some tears. I wasn't even sure whether it was a happy or sad tear. I felt weird. It was a bit disturbing. To say the story is so sad that I shed my tears is a bit ridiculous since I laughed all the way throughout the awesome drama. I kind of feeling miserable with my weird behaviour. Only Allah knows how I am feeling.

Nodame and her quirky habits

The awesome drama that makes me cried.

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