Sunday, February 02, 2014


How I wish to just vanish into thin air tomorrow morning.... so long my problems, so long my sorrows, so long my anguish and pain and sufferings and all... but why am I not reviving and recalling all my sweet moments? Why???? Why does everything has to turn sour in the time of utter depression and determent? How I am looking for a good answer pronto... to heal this wound in my KOKORO...

If and only if the world is that simple.....

Best jadi budak. Zero worries.

Terkadang merasa sedih. Terkadang merasa resah gelisah. Pilu. Sedih. Sayu. Perih. Itulah gambaran perasaan wanita. Kenapa begitu? Kerana hati wanita itu lembut zahirnya tak kelihatan hanya mampu dirasai oleh jiwa yang memahami.

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