Thursday, March 13, 2014

Arrival of A Rival

Nurofen is film-coated - not easy to dissolve in water -_-'

Today I felt so determined to try making a sample using the medication I bought at the drug store. After getting approval from my SV, I went to do the preparations for the sample new formulation. I was excited- I put 3 tablets at once! Just to try and error. Unfortunately, the tablets took much more time to dissolve!! Argh, this is a bit challenging lah... Gotta find ways to improve the formulation. Chaiyok chaiyok. 

Actually it was quite fun to carry out experiment. But it took courage, determination and good time management to go through all these without fuss. Way to go Jeny!

Spek patah.... so unlucky~

At the end, ada joheum saram yang tolong baiki pakai salotape (salotape pon boleyhhhh).
Arigato tomodachi!!!

Sometimes, I just can't help feeling a bit down when I look at my friends who are mostly doing the writing for thesis. Some of them even already completed labworks. Some had even submitted the thesis. Some already gone to so much seminars and won so many awards. I am in my third semester (if I count from the day I stepped in as research assistant lah, if not, I'm in my 2nd semester) but I don't even complete a single paper yet and didn't go to any competition at all. And I am a fellow! I should make myself win some awards and wrote as many papers as possible as to make legitimate as a fellow... Ugh this is depressing!

Okay enough ranting I guess.

p/s: waiting for Ralph Lauren Blue, CK Euphoria and Cool Water Davidoff ahhahahahhah~

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