Saturday, March 15, 2014


When I watch Nodame Cantabile, I suddenly remember how I used to be head over heel for piano. Why? Coz I love the sound of piano. The sound is so sweet and calming. I always listen to good piano songs in movies and dramas that I came to love piano itself. Then love for piano emerged since I was little. 

I was in my elementary school at that time. We learnt music at school. First, we were taught to play recorder, the wind instrument. I really despise the lesson since our music teacher is so garang you know. So unpleasant. Every time we make mistakes, she would hit us on the fingers coz those fingers were responsible for making wrong tunes lol. Not long after, I was given a chance to play pianica, an instrument similar to piano, only that it combines both wind and keyboards. We need to blow the instrument and press the keys at the same time. It was almost like playing piano, only that the size has gotten smaller. Well a piano is big and heavy and no question about bringing it around like a pianica. Piano is expensive by the way. How I want to laugh out loud at the memory of me asking my father to buy me piano. Hahahahhahaha. 

This is pianica.

So they say playing music can refresh the minds, huh?

I love listening to the rendering of Rachmaninoff by Chiaki and 
Nodame in Nodame Cantabile..

To me I play piano just for fun. It does give me some therapeutic effects

Playing piano sure is tiring but fun!

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