Saturday, April 05, 2014


Mr Jerry D Gray, a convert to Muslim who wrote a very informative book on how long we, the people of the Earth, have been deceived by the US.

Salam sayang semua.

I have been draped in this man's writing for several days. Though haven't finished reading yet, I got so much info already. This book is so impressive. It is shocking to know that we had been so blind for so many years and lack the believe of our Prophet's teachings. Ma sha Allah. This is so lame.

I'm quite frustrated with our educational system and advertisement system.Why? At school, we had never been taught on thibbun nabawi (the medicinal treatment which complies with that of Rasulullah s.a.w.). Never did we were exposed on the goodness of habbatus sauda, olive oil or even honey. And to make it worse, even the ads on tV did not emphasize the importance of consuming these food (among many hundreds more) that was already stated over 1400 years ago. We were not made aware.

Instead, we were being lied with those pharmaceutical products which actually do more harm than good. If we look from the conventional practices done by our Rasulullah, our prophet used organic matters to treat illnesses. There are myriads of species of these miraculous plants and fruits that contain so many benefits and nutritions. Not only that they all have healing potential, they also taste amazingly delicious. 

Just grab one copy of these books and you'll know how hazardous the modern medicine is. 

This book is easy to read and you will not get bored since they had included some eye-catching figures and photos.

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