Friday, May 16, 2014

Brink of Broken Bank

I'm seriously doomed. I'm idling around watching tv and laptops and waste time fantasizing things lols while at da same time got tonnes of works to do. Now committing nothing productive actually.

Just now I got this sudden engrossment with caramels that I went surfing the recipes on making caramel candy (which is actually sinfully delicious!) Drooling yall. Fluffy and chewy and sweety. Yum yum. Earlier this morning I had deposited money for the pretzels dipped in almond I ordered before. Talking about crazy crave.  Then I know why and what to blamed on -----> PMS.

I have avalanche of works but I opt for idling. I sat idly just for kicks. Just letting time pass by carelessly. I somehow feel that I'm traversing such a dangerous path. I just have the hunch.. hurmm....

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