Sunday, May 04, 2014


Hari pening sedunia.

Today I woke up to a mild vertigo. I slept funny and my neck hurt so much. I tried to reach for my glasses. In the half-consciousness state, I dragged my feet to the door. Why does the room wobble? Or was it me who has spinning gasing in my brain (even the moment I write this I can feel vertigo). Oh this vertigo stuff really got me well. I prayed Subh and crawled on the prayer mat after salam. I felt sick. The nauseousness started to take me in. 

I felt like taking a day off but NO! I cannot. I struggled, took a bath and got ready to go to campus. Can I actually drive? With this dire state of health I was hesitating whether to go on or just stay at home. Thinking about those avalanche of works still undone, I erased the attempt of taking day off. I tried to bring myself together. Yep, you can do it.

Magically, when I was in UMT, I didn't feel as bad as when I was home just now. It was so weird. I just go along keeping less mind on that matter. It was lucky enough having the undesirable symptoms go away. I tended my works with all my fella. After completing all stuffs needed to be done, I drove home. However strangest thing happened. The vertigo struck again when I stepped into my room!!!!! Ya Allah. Even right now I can still feel the vertigo. I cannot turn too fast coz I will wobble. Vertigo is so dangerous you know. You can suddenly lose balance and fall unconsciously and may hit hard floor or the even wall. What more if you are holding a big heavy stuff in your hand. Just imagining what will happen makes me have goosebumps.

This thing is too mysterious..... Scary!

So they say ginger can treat vertigo?

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