Saturday, May 24, 2014


Saat mata menatap dashboard blogger, hati kecewa melihat zero comment yang terpampang. Shoot. Ada sekelumit perasaan sedih sebab mengharapkan ada pembaca yang akan sudi mengomen post blogku. Ah, persetankan itu semua. Bak kata Prof Muhaya, orang yang benar2 bebas adalah orang yang bebas dari penghargaan manusia. Yes?

Aku mula menyedari bahawa hidup perlu berkawan. Kalau tak ada kawan, memang susah nak survive, mudah jadi lost. jUST like me when I was a new bud in UMT. I was a stray cat, roaming around like a fool acting like a cool person who needs no one, who'd rather minding her own business. Eventually I became secluded and isolated. I surround myself with a concrete wall which is impervious to any approaches. But then, I tried to pull myself together coz I know I can do this research. I knew it deep in my heart, an impetus which was triggered by my hippocampus. 

kau tau apa hippocampus? ni dia. mende biru yang bergelung tu. they say this part stores memories

Then slowly I break the wall that I created myself and stepped aside and rolled out like a wrecking ball. Yeah. I started to make friends and I started to take things positively. This research thangs isn't so bad after all. With my cheerful friends and modest supervisor, I think I can handle this well. All I can say is that, one needs to have guidance from friends in order to boost in anything he/she does. Yeah. You can never be alone. Just like the cell study that I am currently doing. Cells wont grow if they have no friends. Cells will expand and spindle once they got a hold of friends. Those who remain alone will be smaller and more inferior which eventually causes DEATH. Yeah, death.

okaylah, it ends here. lets get back to watching Scary Movie 3


Demona said...

Same here. I tend to build a wall around me bcuz I cannot trust anyone. I feel good realising that I don't need anyone to help me. I love being alone .... sometime I feel suffocated even when there's only 2 of us. Tapi I bukanlah introverted sgt... still boleh mingle, laughing with them.... but I need space. Haish.

Nanti nk masuk usm ... I should learn how to trust.... and widen my social circle, right?

P/S: suddenly feel the urge to comment. Selama ni silent reader. Teeeheee.

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Xde org komen xsmstinya org xbce....

Jαnnαhツ said...

Thanks demona. Hope you'll do fine is usm

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