Sunday, June 01, 2014

Expectation vs Reality

Embrace yourself. Prepare all your physical and mental portions to accept the reality of life. Life is not a bed of roses. Fantasy and dreams both are always sweeter than reality. What we expect to happen does not necessarily happen. Things do not always go our way - it's way beyond our meager control. Humans are weak, we are merely planners yet we don't always get to get things done our ways. We thought everything we do will be sailing smooth but at the end things can even turn sour and bloody. It's His way of making us realize how weak we are and how things are of His arrangements. 

Just like what happened to me last time. I was so ecstatic over the fact that we were gonna do antibacterial study. Yeay!! After somewhat good outcomes from cell study, we finally get to actually do this test. I dunno why but I was feeling determined to do all tests ASAP. When I was carrying out all the procedures, I was feeling so good. We were guided by a very reliable person. It feels so refreshing because I think I could do it. Then I was feeling over the top (a bit arrogant and big headed) because I could pull that off. Allah knows my bad heart condition so that was probably why He showed me some signs. 

At the end, it turns out that the thing do not actually work. Wrong method to be exact. Upon knowing that we were not doing it right, I was devastated. I had this sudden mood swing and became lost in thought. What could possibly the main reason for these mistakes to happen? I don't know. 

Well, it feels quite bad when I was being reprimanded over doing something according to rules! I was nagged upon things that I do under other's orders. Just imagine, I got told off when doing things in order, let alone if things are done according to my own ways. Duh why does it all have to turn out like this. These are all mixed up. There are so many mazhabs and fahaman in the lab that people tend to mix up things and confused. Just like me. Yeah, like me. 

Yeah, life is like that. Reality wont be meeting expectations so easily. There are hurdles everywhere!!!

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