Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hari ni hari yg sedih, awkward yet a tad magical.

Never do one know what he'll be committing tomorrow.  Says the Lord. So does with the thing which had happened to me today. I never expect I would be touching the scorching corelle plate this morning when I carelessly put the green-flowered plate just beside the hot wok I was using to fry an egg. Out of not knowing the plate was heated so hot that it could melt my skin, I grasped the edge of it so tightly, before a motor neuron was swooshing so fast bouncing from my spinal cord sending signal to the muscles of my right hand to let go the source of heat a.k.a the plate. It was fast, but not fast enough to avoid me getting any hurting blisters but fair enough to cause any farther damage of my right thumb. Thanks to the Lord who made me healthy with the ever functioning bodily neurological system.  If I was having paralysis on my hand, I could possibly suffer a second degree of burn which requires hospitalisation. Thank God it didn't get to that extend.

I was nearly teary when I showed the white bulging spot on my thumb to my sister. I asked her what did I have to do reduce the burning sensation that won't wear off. Miss-care-about-sister's-injury abruptly went on surfing the burning remedy on the net. I was thinking of spreading some soothing aloe vera which mom had planted in the front yard.  But then my sister said people put small amount of toothpaste to treat small burning at home. Yeah and that method did work! Err well at least for 30 minutes. After that my thumb went crabby.

I couldn't move it too violently or I'd suffer tremendous amount of pain. See how weak I am, having a small burning on my skin and already felt so uncomfortable that I'd rather spend my whole day dipping the hand in a bowl of ice.  Awwww.

Then I went to the lab as usual, trying to fight the excruciating pain. I even drove funny with right hand being a bit devastated.  This was when a magic happened.

I was listening to the radio regarding the month of Ramadan. And the ustaz in the programme said that it is haram to commit fasting after 15 syaaban. And I was taken aback. I have another fasting day to redeem and tomorrow is 15 syaaban! ! I was distraught. Then in that dire state of mine I suddenly heard a voice of a man making a phone call to radio asking le ustaz some questions. One of them was about whether or not he can brush the teeth using colgate after having sahur. And another question was sooo intriguing-he asked whether his daughter can perform fasting (puasa ganti) after 15 syaban and her daughter had one more day to complete puasa ganti!!!! See how Was the magical part working here? He asked the same question I was having in my head at that moment! Splendid. Seriously terrific! Ya Allah. Miraculous.

And the answer was okay for women who wants to puasa ganti anytime. What he was referring to before was puasa sunat (complementary/optional fasting). Yeah I was relieved.
After that I went to see how were my samples going in microbiology lab. Wow, it was splendid! 

So all in all, I get to be so happy because I receive dugaan and also nikmat in the same day.  Terima kasih Allah.

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