Saturday, July 19, 2014

A little bit too much

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Sometimes, I am a bit of a tomboy. Coz I love men's stuffs like when I went surfing idly on watches or bags or shoes, I tend to be attracted to masculine designs or patterns. I don't like bright colours like most girls would opt for since I'd subconsciously pick something of darker hues like dark chocolate and blueblack, or earthy colours like light brown and khaki. It's been one of my eccentric nature since I was small. Maybe because I have 3 men in my family (2 brothers and a father) and I often look up to them hence caught some bad habit of following them. Ahahhaa. Fyi I even love the smell of Dashing body talc (men's talc) that I'd rub the whitey powder all over my body (you say I am crazy don't you).

I still remember when I was in Standard 2 if I am not mistaken. I had this dark brown pencil case which I love the most and I treasured it for quite some time (years to be exact). Kids of my age would prefer pink or yellow as their fav color, but me, I was different. Yeah, and one other thing is I am so attached to my belongings- I can cling on to the same thing for a great deal of time. Like the Scholl shoes I got as a present for my graduation day in 2012 and still wearing it till today (almost 2 years already!). yeah I love my stuffs and I really dont like changes so I am prone to keeping things much longer than most people. 

As for bags, I  love sling bags, the one you drape across your body that somehow makes you look kind of cool. Unlike other friends of mine, they would prefer hobo bags, or shoulder bags. Nah, I don't like those types. Hehehe. Kind of macho if you have the sling bag on your body. It's fashionable dude.

bergaya gile bile pompuan pakai crossbody. siyes nampak casual and spontaneous. It is a relaxing way of fashion.

Somehow the way a tomboy dresses up is way much better than any average feminine ladies since these so-called feminine ladies have their outfit are often the results of wanting to bear some skins and appear flaunting to grab boys' attentions. Unlike tomboys, they dress not to impress but to feel comfortable in them. Not saying that we should be tomboy, it's just the way they protect themselves with boyish outfit is actually much more comforting to me. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion aight?

Yeah it's agyness deyn and I love her style!!

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