Thursday, July 03, 2014


Weird or peculiar behaviour of a person -----> IDIOSYNCRASY

Everybody has their own whimsical side of life. At times, they will behave peculiarly that most people will find it annoying or disgusting. Hahhaa. Somehow, being weird is an added value. If you are bland and serious, or maybe a clean freak or like the ones who obey all the rules and do things by following a rigid set of protocols, you are BORING. Let some weird behaviours of yours leak out to make yourself more colourful and wonderful! Trust me, you can add other strings to your circle of friends in life.

Just like me myself, I have this weird habit of watching the same thing over and over again. When I get a hold of great movies or dramas, I'll just stick to it and watch them until I can remember almost all dialogue from them!!! Ugh is it not enough evidence of being a wacko? I just dont know why I became like this coz its weird you know to be craving to watch the same thing again and again that I am close to being an otaku. Yeah you read it right. OTAKU means those nerds/geeks who are obsessed with one topic that they will do a thorough research until one point they are being too preoccupied. To most people, it is boring to watch the same thing again and again. To me, it is me being me. Hahaha. Apart from the disturbing fact that I love watching the same movies/dramas, I also love to sleep with the dramas on my laptop playing till it stops by itself and by that time I already went into snoring series of sleep. Crazy right?

Other idiosyncrasy I found myself to be stuck in is the fact that I love talking to myself. Kahkahkah. I used to be so talkative inside the toilet during my degree studies that my friend whose room was adjacent to the toilet confronted me and asking who on earth did I talk to inside the toilet. Of course the question was rhetorical. I just smiled at the thought of me being a total wackadoodle. It was creepy. Yeah, indeed it was. Well, this idiosyncrasy is the thing that defines me. Talking to myself is therapeutic. Others may find drinking a cup of hot coffee, listening to classical musics or taking a stroll along the beautiful beach can be calming and tranquilizing, but for me, yeah, I got my own ways of treating my own illusions and delusions, rages or unsatisfactory feeling in life, of which I cannot spill all to people around me just like that. Of course I do talk to real people, but sometimes, it's much moreeee relieving to have that monologue with my inner self.

Other thing would be the unbridled passion of taking pictures and make some random posts in my blog since I have been leaving this blog for quite a time so I started to feel guilty and to feel the void of not being able to write something, I made this post. Enjoy this random pics and have fun guys!

Calming view from top of my car. Splendid! This was taken when I had done my works in IMB

 In room of our SV. we saw this poster on the wall. cute isn't it? Mi amigo mesti bangga. Masa ni tengah duduk atas lantai tolong Dr buat keje.

Nota untuk paper publications. Banyaknye Dr tulis.... Hmmm.

Cik Bella yg suka pakai selendang dan suka bercakap. she sure is a cheerleader in our team.

Gila-gila budak lab (Lab IMB). Felo USIM tapi belajar kat UMT and pakai labcoat UNISZA. what an irony hahahahha

Cryogenic storage: NITROGEN TANKs. temperature is minus 320 degree F below zero. Beware of FROSTBITE

Sarang tebuan yang cantik gile with the details on the surface of the hive. AWESOME!!! Tapi dangerous.

Tried cooking cashew chicken. Bolehlah tahan.... Hahahha

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