Friday, July 04, 2014

New Crash

I was introduced to this American sitcom by my sister. When I first accidentally watched one of the episodes, what came to my mind was "What a geek show," Well, that was because the dialogues in The Big Bang Theory sitcom were too rife with scientific terminologies and it took me quite a time to actually process the data. My first impression regarding this sitcom was it revolves around the life of a geek microcosm of people and they were perhaps high school students. However, it was surprising when finally I found out they are actually a bunch of physicists who work at a university in California. Waw, so much for being a judgmental person. Haha. 

I love this sitcom for several reasons. The fact that they are a bunch of scientists living a geeky life with those scientific stuffs going around is quite cool. Maybe coz I myself am a scientist so I can relate the references they had in their conversations. Though at times there were some references were too hard to comprehend. Furthermore, you get to enhance your knowledge in science. Things like Valium, epinephrine, dopamine, amygdala, asymptote, reversed tangent, carrageenan and Doppler effects are among the familiar things in the field of science which were pronounced in the series. The thing about Doppler effect was so funny coz I still remember the syllabus from my matriculation in USIM where Cikgu ARHO taught us the difference in effect of sound wave with the distance of the observer. He gave us an accurate example of the sound made by F1 cars which deteriorates with the distance traveled. 

Funny Sheldon

Another thing that makes me fall in love with this drama is the strength of the characters. 

Sheldon Cooper was portrayed as a genius physicist who appears to be arrogant, self-centred and a wacko. He is someone who obeys protocols and always bore his friends with his Mr-Know-it-all attitude. Sheldon is like a robot who comes with a manual, according to Howard. He is someone who thinks the world revolves around him and that makes him an annoying person. However, the ability of Jim Parsons to make this annoying character into a loveable character is something amazing.  Yes at first you need to admit that Sheldon is a narcissistic brat who thinks of nothing but himself but then, at the end of it, you'll see how adorable he can be. He has so many idiosyncrasies that make you wanna strangle him but at times his attitude is like that of a child that you may eventually grow fond of this character. 

He even has his own 'spot' where nobody is not supposed to sit in. Too much of being an eccentric man

I also love other characters as well. Leonard, Penny, Howard an Raj. They make such a good circle of life...

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Dah lama gila nak tengok sitcom.. Lagi satu The Office.. OMG OMG OMG

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