Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Semalam aku berebut turn buat UV-Vis dengan sorang lecturer ni. Masa tu aku baru je masuk dalam MKO nak measure pH buffer aku. Tak sampai seminit aku melilau-lilau cari plug untuk on mesin pH tu, aku dengar suara orang panggil,

"Sapa sini nama Jannah?"

Aku pun berpaling.

Eh dia ni macam tau-tau je aku nak masuk sini. Ataupun, ini adalah suratan? Hehe. The one who called for my name happened to be a lecturer ( I guess so from the look). Subconsciously I addressed him Dr. He was asking whether or not he can do the instrument before me. I was reluctant at first since I already booked for the whole week although Mr Madi didn't seem to approve my usage for 5 consecutive days. But then, luckily I had something else to tend to so I gave up my turn up till 4 pm. That's why I ended up doing the reading in a rush. But Allah is the great planner. I got the best result from the one I did in the rush. Hopefully acceptable lah.

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