Thursday, July 31, 2014


There are times when I feel like violating all rules and let out the wild me. Sometimes I just want to put on some heavy make-up, don some pretty and fancy clothes, put on a pair of stylish shoes and  wander and gambol around carelessly while sprinkling that dusts of confidence and poise that make everyone aware of it. Yes, I love attention and I loathe pretentious smiles. I love to make people look at me in awe and sometimes throw some honest compliments. Well, that's just a bit whore of me.

But then I realize that that is not the real me. I should be someone with definite sets of dreams and undivided focus in whatever I am doing. Yes Jannah pull yourself together!! Be someone who can contribute to the world and to your Islam. 

So stop being stupid and buck up!

yes, noob photoshopper

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