Thursday, July 10, 2014

Super creature

Hi peeps.

I've been living my life loving and growing fond of cats. They make awesome companions. In fact there are so many reasons why our own prophet Muhammad saw love kitties. They are cute, adorable, playful and protective. 

Here are some awesome stories of awesome cats which I found to be ......... awesome!!! (Awesomeness overloaded!!)

1- JessiCat

A wonderful story of a cat who gives voice to his owner

Ever heard of a boy who was having selective mutism who finally saved by his cat named Jessi?  Lorcan Dilon was a boy who suffer a psychological disorder in which he does not speak to anyone, not even to his own mom. Sad, is it not? Then his mom thought of giving a cat to his dear son as a companion, hoping that Lorcan will not be lonely since he hardly talk to anywho. 

The little child with slight autism then grew very fond of this cat named Jessi. They spend a lot of time together.  They played together and sometime Lorcan would even read stories to cute Jessi and Jessie happily rest her paw in Lorcan's palm.  surprisingly, after some time living their playful life together, Lorcan gradually overcame his mutism and he even started to speak at school - something he'd never done before.  His first sentence of "I love you"  uttered to Jessi made his mom happy. It was such a good progress.

Te amo Jessi. Tu es mui linda!!!!

Jessi was a hero. She was true companion.

2) Tara the Hero cat

Jeremy with his hero, Tara.

Quite recently, there was news aired regarding a heroic tale of a little kitty named Tara who saved his little friend. There was a video showing the CCTV footage of a boy who was carefreely playing with his bike in the front yard of his home when suddenly a guard dog probably thrice the size of the boy which was owned by the neighbour suddenly attacked the innocent boy. It was gonna be a grotesque scene if Tara the cat did not come to the boy's rescue. Yes you read me- a cat saved a boy from a savage dog!!! It was jaw dropping and amazing. Tara was swooshing like a flash and hit the rabid dog like a wrecking ball ahah! She had absolutely no fear at all. She put her own life on line to save her best friend. See how protective a cat can be?? Amazing subhanallahh. Luckily Jeremy only had small injury that he had about 5-6 stitches on his leg. He recovered quite rapidly.

Tara the magnificent beast. Rawr!!

And by the way, the dog should be shot to death. It wasn't a guard dog it was a rabid dog someone please kill the dog!!! (Grrrr)

Tara was a stray cat who was taken home by a pair of lovely couple who found her at a park. The cat had  eventually become their boy's little friend since the day she climbed up the boy's crib and curled up beside him (awww so cute!). That was the kick start for the very unusual bond between a street cat and a boy.
Yay cat!! Cats are heroic monsters!

I think cats have this some kind of lion syndrome when they see themselves as mighty as lions. Well, they are brothers, coming from the same ancestor

3) Bob the Cat

Yeaayyyy I love Bob the cat! Bob the cat is awesome! 

An English busker who lives his life performing musics on his guitar in the city of London had his life changed after he met Bob the street cat.

James Bowen was a homeless man with a record of drug abuse. He plays music in the streets to make sure his ends meet. Buskers did not make much, do they? While he was going through a series of rehab, he bumped into a ginger cat with an injury at his leg, probably caused by a fight with other cats. Feeling a sense of pity, James brought the cat home and put some medication on him. After the cat healed, he wouldn't leave. The cat hid in his building and seemed to be following him around. James finally thought of keeping the cat as his own. He named the cat Bob. That is how Bob the cat gets his name. 

Who could ever resist the cute googly eyes of a fine cat draped in a scarf like this??

The cat was so loyal that he'd follow everywhere James go. James would carry Bob the cat on his shoulder and it was a peculiar yet tad magical sight when a cat rest very comfortably on its owners the way birds usually do. That had really made people turn heads. Cats dont rest on shoulders but this one cat is totally extraordinary. Bob even accompanied James buskering in city of London. Surprisingly, money came in like crazy when Bob started being a part of James' life. People got stunned over the sight of a cat loyally sitting by his owner at the street playing music. Kids and women would approach him and pat his head and stroke his fur. Pedestrians will offer some food and scarfs to Bob to fight the chilling weather. People got more generous with Bob accompanying him at work. It was a touching and amazing story that James Bowen finally get to publish a book about his life after crossing ways with the little furball. The book had even become best sellers! I am definitely gonna buy one. 

The fact that Bob was so loyal that he wouldn't stay away from his owner always baffles me. It was something special; his loyalty is,

The story of James and Bob the street cat had inspired so many people out there. The precious values of friendship and love between two creatures  had shed gallons of tears. I take my hats off for Bob. Bob, you are amazing. You are so amazing. 

"The every moment Bob stepped into my life, I had never been better. He saved me from my misery and I am lonely no more. Sure if Bob can speak, he would say the same,"  -paraphrased from original quote

4) Terrific cat takers

There was a story about a cat who felt the strong sense of belonging and protectiveness towards his owner had attacked a girl who happened to be a babysitter. A CCTV had it all recorded in the footage. It was all over YouTube (Cat attacks babysitter). 

It was funny and cute at a certain degree. The cat heard a sound of breaking glass and a crying voice hence hurried to the living room when he finally caught a glimpse of a stranger (the babysitter) tending to the broken glass on the floor which was caused by the little boy when he suddenly threw a plush toy and hit the glass which was sitting precariously at the edge of a table. The cat saw the little boy crying and maybe he thought the babysitter was trying to harm the little boy hence the girl was seen as a threat. Out of warning, the cat attacked the babysitter so angrily as if she was some kind of a criminal. The cat was in rage, and the girl was in a dire state of fright. What so funny was when there was another cat trying to finish the fight by approaching the black rabid cat who seemed to be over protective of his owner and tried to cool things down. I laughed so hard at the thought of the scene. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Spot that cute little black cat in his act of defending the little boy

I can somehow relate all these amazing stories to my own life. We have cats and cats really care for us. They will protect us and have this special cat-human relationship. Cats understand us, given appropriate amount of time. My cat understands what I say. It's just human that do not really get to fathom cats' speech hehehe. Cats also have intelligence and they have good memories. No matter how far you leave your cats, they surely will find their way back home. My cat once had chased a stray dog away from our  yard. Brave enough aight for someone that size? 

Yes I thank Allah for the amazing creature named CATS. CatterrifiC!!

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