Monday, August 25, 2014

Effeminate Man? or Masculine Woman?

Somehow I just can't grind the fact that I am more inclined towards that acquired taste of MEN. To me, men's stuffs are much cooler and bigger and larger than life, whereas women's stuffs are too flowery and perhaps too fragile and vulnerable. And maybe the main reason why I am being like this is because women's stuffs are usually smaller for me, who has extraordinary size for a Malay gal. I usually fail to get suitable size for mostly all things, therefore I opt for men's sizes since the smallest men's size would be fit me well enough.

Just like the one I got for myself today for realizing I had an expired driving license (two months already!!!). How irony is that for someone who realized how lackadaisical and absent-minded she could be that she forgot to check the duedate. Well, it is not much of an irony since the thought of buying the watch came way much longer before the realization of the license.

The watch has this purple strap and big dial. I was mesmerized. I had always been looking for purple strap wristwatch but the last one I checked the price was around RM500! Crazy huh? Until I gazed upon this beautifully laid piece of time through the glass-paned display in the store at Giant. I thought it was for women due to its effeminate color. After surfing I know that it's for men. Well, it does make sense since it has that big dial. No matter, I love this watch. Simply put and elegant!!!

All for RM55. 1 year warranty. LOLSSSS.

You made my dayyyy

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