Monday, August 04, 2014

Mumbo Jumbo

Hogwash, balderdash, hokum, jibber jabber; they pretty much bring the same meaning. It means something useless and nonsense. Conundrum on the other hand is synonymous to problem. Heebies jeebies is a slang for something that makes one feeling nervous and scared. Tepid means lukewarm, as in water or drinks.  Err wait, what is my point? Well I'm just saying some new things I learned from TBBT. There are even Latin words dude! Ordo cognoscendi is latin for 'order of knowing' while ipso facto is also another Latin which means 'by the fact itself'. Befuddling huh? For example, Zionism, an idea ipso facto that practices tyranny and terrorism should be abolished. We all know what Zionism is all about. Anti-semitic huh? Nope, coz lets face it, Zionism does not represent all Israel people - it is a subset of the whole lot of people, which in the current issues' sense, not much approved by the whole rest of the subsets - as much as the idea of saying thumb is finger, but not all fingers are thumb. Get the idea??? Please stop the generalization.

Come on people. Okay other examples? Not all bacteria are harmful. Don't treat all bacteria as they are dangerous creatures. Please, you won't even get to eat cheese and yoghurt if there are no bacteria. Don't be all fired up chauvinist to the whole lot of bacteria just because some Staph make your face grows some annoying pimples. There are good bacteria which humans can't live without. There are there, millions of years ago, before we do. And we do appreciate their beings, and we are cautious on its myriads of dangerous counterparts as well.

I got to learn so many things from TBBT. When I watch movies or dramas, I always seek to adopt values and good senses from them as a way of improving myself mentally. If the drama is not good enough, I'll just ditch it, just like yesterday's chutney. Hahahaha. Raj's reference here.

K that's for now. Toodles!

Lulssss Sheldon!

And FYI, ornithophobia is fear of birds. Amazing huh?

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