Friday, August 15, 2014

Sticky Note.

Today I was busy helping my mom buying all the necessities for tomorrow's event; OPEN HOUSE. We went to Pasar Chabang 3. So many things and so many people there! And not to mention, so many cats.

After coming back home, I started cleaning my room. Ya Allah, my room was engulfed with dust! There were like clumps of suffocating dusts everywhere! I pulled the wardrobe and was shocked to see dusts in clumps. It was miraculous. How could sloughed off dead skin cells accumulate to that hills of dusts? It was amazing.

After done cleaning and organizing, I felt a relieve. Boy does the room not feel much more better to breathe in. I love this.

Talking about a topic unrelated to the ones above, I figured that from TBBT, I learnt the cornucopia of mellifluous words. It is a good way of assuaging the many hours spend to watch the series. Hahaha. And sticky notes really help a lot. Like when you paste those tiny yellow notes on your board and everytime you stare at it, you will definitely be refreshed of those new words. Yiehhaaa.

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