Friday, September 05, 2014

Come Back Home

Yeah spirit come back home to your host --- ME.

I always felt that sometimes I get kind of possessed by this 'thing' that make me feel daring and bold. It makes me feel like I was being a vehicle it rides to do things. Sometime my hands move involuntarily and do things out of my will. There was some kind of voice whispering from inside, and says things like, "Relax, you can do this yes you can! Move on," 

Sometimes I wonder, am I bipolar? Coz I realized how much I would casually change from sad moping gloomy mood to overjoyed mode. Seriously, it is disturbing. How can someone simply shift from being extremely demotivated, devastated and drained out to someone so elated and jubilant in a split second? It's monstrous; too monstrous. 

Maybe I have that a little messed-up alter ego which sometimes get me good. But most of the time, it strikes me bad. Yeah gotta get hold of that soon.

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