Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am writing this as a way of taking mind off things. I feel a bit down today due to some incidents but Allah had replaced the sad feeling via a very exciting news. The cells will arrive next week! Yahoooo!!!

Well, it was so worrying since the cell may be delivered this Sunday while I am not around to fetch it and bring it to IMB. Because I will be taking a day off to travel back from Bangi to KT after sending off my sister for her new life in UNITEN. Then, phew, only Allah knows how relieved I was upon knowing that cell will ariive next Monday. 

Today I feel a bit happy since SV has good mood and was not mad at me at all due to my lackadaisical results. I feel down and feel stupid since I didn't get thing right. Am I cursed? To make things worse, I feel troubled by someone's changed behavior. It makes me feel depressed. How I wish to go away from all these frowning faces.

Enough for now. Time to pack up things and bid farewell... 

Jumpe Isnin nanti, kalau ada jodoh dan panjang umorrrr.

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