Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heated discussion

Today I had joined a Facebook debate on vaccinations. Truth be told, vaccination has more cons than pros. And I am one of those people opposing vaccinations. I am anti-vaccination.

It was a heated discussion. Clearly somebody was being too emotional that no matter how much the other party was laying out loads of subtle arguments, they will abruptly refute all those ideas with one swift comment -an emotional comment. Do not sell vaccination on these people coz they won't buy it no matter how much you jibber jabber about it. The idea itself is too preposterous. and not to mention, time wasting.

Yeah everybody is entitled to their own opinions and we are free to make choices in our life coz its our right to have free will. And one must respect other's opinions and have an open, mature discussion regarding this matter.

And oh, speaking of free will. I don't think our country has that. Coz every child is obligated to taking vaccines since their birth and I found this to be very disturbing. We should be given choices whether to take vaccine or not. But since our parents and grandparents were being used by the world and the government via the wand of fear through the false news on the spreading of those new fancy diseases and epidemics, everyone was running to clinics and hospitals to get their offsprings shots of vaccination. Do we realise how much had we been fed with false information regarding this thing called vaccines? Do we really know what vaccine is?

Vaccine is the inactivated virus that is added with some preservatives to alert our body system to secrete protective mechanism as a preparation for the possibly coming infection. Its like lying to your body that something harmful is coming your way even when in actuality, it is not. So what happen if the impending epidemic didn't actually befall on people vaccinated? What happen to this foreign materials residing our biological system? For sure it won't stay like a friendly friend. These foreign material surely will tamper with our system and eventually bring us more harm than good. And dont get me started talking about the preservatives added into vaccines.

Thimerosal is a mercury compound used to preserve these vaccines. Even in a very minute amount, the compound is detrimental to our health. Just imagine how deadly it is when this chemical went into the bloodstream of little babies. How could we ever let children being shot with these deadly chemicals? Come on people where is HUMANITY?!!!

I don't have much information on the vaccination but I think what I know is enough to make me side with the anti-vaccination group. Coz I believe every child is born with complete antibody and any rubbish words saying your children need to be vaccinated is nothing more than attempted murder. Do not silence kill our generation. They are our hope for the future.

Other thing about vaccination when pilgrimages are taking off for their haj in mecca. I am strongly against the obligatory vaccine shots. Its demeaning and cruel.

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