Saturday, November 08, 2014


That day, as usual, I joined my friends to the nearest cafe to buy ourselves some breakfast. After packing two hot buns, I went to pay at the counter. Then I went to order my hot drink at another counter. There was this effeminate man who was joyfully talking with his friend.

"Bang, teh panas satu,"

That abang's face went sour out of sudden. He went making my drink in a foul mood. What the heck is wrong with this guy?

After picking up that scorching cup of milk tea, I walked away with confusion. I then asked my friend, what the heaven could I possibly say to make him frowned like that.

"Ha, kak janah kene panggil dia kakak," with a grin in her face.


My mom raises her no liars. So hells no I am gona call a man "KAKAK". Seriously impossible.

Banyak la kau punya right. Nak sangat tegakkan hak sendiri, pegi berambus ke planet Zuhal lah!!!!!

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