Saturday, November 22, 2014

serangan raksasa berbisa.

why do I always cross path with this poisonous crawling invertebrate?

I still remember that day when I was in the loo, minding my business. suddenly, there was like raining centipedes pouring down from under the ceiling. the most frightening part was that there was no visible hole or opening from where those centipedes may be originated (or is it better to say "there was no hole or opening where those centipedes may be originated from" ?). Grammatical dilemma as per corrected by Sheldon Cooper from TBBT). The latter is obviously wrong. As much as "I am the guy from whom you are getting away" is true instead of "I am the guy you are getting away from,". Lol I love grammar Nazis. 

Can we circle back to the real story?

Okay. The centipedes thing.

I was terrified upon seeing hundreds of small centipedes crawling on the toilet floor and that horrendous sight had thrown me into an uncomfortable state which immediately halted me from whatever I was doing. I rushed out and called for my dad and told him what I saw. He was shocked to see so many centipedes on the floor which are still alive. Abruptly, he took Ridsect and sprayed all over the floor. Within 2 minutes, all of them died and had to be swept into the bin. Fuh.

Today, the same thing happen to me again. A large centipede was found curling on the wooden floor of my room. I suspected it to be alive so I called my parent. My dad then came with a long parang and killed that son of a gun. It was a big one, the one that can give you a swollen skin with single bite. What a nightmare. 

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