Saturday, November 08, 2014

That big strike of epiphany

Salam alls.

Lets all thank Allah for his blessings and sustenance. Alhamdulillah.

I always stumble upon one of these magical moments that many may refer to as merely coincidence. Just like before,  when I was so distraught about so many things (research and lab works particularly), out of the blue, this one lovely person sent me messages via Facebook saying all these positive words and encouragement, as if he knew i was in a disturbed state. These words woven automatically without the main switch being triggered by me. He calmly stated  that its normal to face such difficulties in research. Lukman gave me encouraging words which showed how empathetic he was about my dire situation. It was unsolicited, even. But Allah had sent His guidance from above through this person. It's so amazing and caught me dumbfounded that it came knocking at my door at the right time. It was..... magical. I often turn speechless upon colliding with such fate. This is how Allah works I guess,  mysteriously beautiful, meticulous and unexpected. But yet amazingly inevitable.

That amazing event occurred again last night. I was bored and went surfing the net. Scrolling down the Facebook statuses,  my eyes caught a glimpse of several names who are online. That was when I saw his name. Feeling a sudden strike of longing to know updates about him and wanting to maybe arrange for dates for some other times, I abruptly message his inbox. Coz he was once a good mentor to me.What he replied was so jaw dropping. I was completely shocked!

Image:Be Honest Step 6 Version 2.jpg

He said he was feeling like messaging me too but due to his inundating workloads he failed to spare some time to idly chat with me (poor baby L). And it was a happy, sorry I have to use this word, coincidence that I had messaged him since he had been keeping all these spicy stories to tell me. Allah maha besar. There is no such thing as coincidence. Every thing happens as He bids and it happens for some valid reasons.  He knows when to knock your heart and how to do so. Just believe in Him. He'll guide your unceasingly through your ordeals.

I had been led to a heartbreaking epiphany from those spicy stories he told me. Whatever things that came out of this man had really opened my eyes on so many things. I was a bit devastated. To look high at someone but in actuality,  they are really not that mighty, really strikes me bad. Hm I wish I didn't have to listen to the stories coz my perceptions on the whole picture are now entirely shifted to a completely lowered level. And it's frightening me. Seriously. It really got me shivered.
Nevertheless,  it's good to know the truth. Like what they say, lies are sweet but truth is always bitter. No matter how bitter truth is, just suck it in and buck up sissy pants. It's a new brave world young lady. Hayyohhhh!!!

All in all, I was glad Lukman did spend his precious time chatting me up, Although the whole tone of the stories was shocking, I did enjoy the rest of his stories. I laughed so hard that my father was a bit shocked for such loud laughter in the middle of the night. Hahahaaha nice one!

P/s: it's so funny having to use lukman as a mere anthropomorphism. Hahahahaha lolssss.
Lukman, let's go out some other time. I miss you,  baby!!!!!

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erma said...

I hope he was really Lukman. Wow. Jannah dah ada someone!

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