Monday, December 22, 2014

Sojourns at Melaka, Nilai and Kuala Lumpur

Of ICPE 2014 and everything that falls within the 6-day of hectic travelog (travelog lah sangat)

Wow, it was an arduous journey of my life. First onerous experience to go through was the 8-hour journey to Melaka in a horse-like van. Seriously, it was a bumpy ride. I hit my head so hard against the plastic window pane that I almost got migraine lolsss. I hardly slept during the journey. We all hardly slept during the hopping journey. It was tiring. Then, after 2 days staying at Melaka for ICPE 2014, I left for Nilai to stay in a friend's house before going to Athirah's wedding. So since it was Friday and nobody was home for a companion, I decided to go meet my sister at The Mines, Seri Kembangan. Sisters day out!!!! Yuhuuuuuuuuu *excited*. Also coincidentally, there was a huge books fair at MIECC and I sure didn't wish to miss that!!! I love books, although I am not an avid reader ngehngeh. After howling at MIECC which costed me bloated feet, I went back home and slept. When I woke up, I experienced this mild inflammation in my larynx, an early sign of impending fever. Ouch. The day at MIECC did drain all the energy off of me. Hello sore throat! 

On Saturday, I had to wake up early to catch for a train to KL Sentral from where I had a transit to Jelatek. It was sooooo herculean. Having to drag the heavy luggage all the way through the morning in a constricting attire (read: baju kurung) was strenuous. It was not that burdensome if I didn't have to hurry and if I was not having any pre-fever syndrome. Muawhaahhaha. Okay scratch that. It was awesome to gather round with those friends from USIM. How we missed those days spent at USIM. How much we missed laughing together and hanging out together like a bunch of happy friends. Friends do make significant difference in your life. Treasure them, as much as you treasure your own life. 

All in all, the seminar was quite boring (muawahhaha) but those moments spent with those guys really made a huge difference. Their presence somewhat soothes the boring effect of the seminar. Well, nevertheless, I did learn a lot from the seminar. It's a convention of academicians dude. It's good to finally mingle around with people of the same background who came from various walks of life. Everything was good. But there was this insufferable moment during my time at the seminar. During one of the tea breaks, there I was, waiting for my friends at the big round table when suddenly these 2 guys (read: Nigerians) were asking whether the seats were taken. After they sat, we changed pleasantries and had a light conversation regarding the conference and whatnot. I learned that they came from UTHM. Then we were joined by my other friends and the conversation was somewhat elaborated with more added members to the quorum. Just when we were about to leave, I heard a snide and asinine remark from a bunch of ladies beside our table saying, "Tak boleh rapat sangat dengan depa ni, takut nanti melekat," I was like WOW. Speechless upon hearing those remarks. Why are people now being racist???? What if you guys go to a western country and nobody would like to talk to you because of the headscarf on your head bearing sign of a terrorist? How would you feel then? Be professional lahhh. (mind your blood pressure Janah) Ok lets stop dwelling in the emotional turbulence shall we? Let these photos speak thousands of words!

After 1 hour ride from MITC Permaisuri Hotel to Banda Hilir, we stopped for a decent meal. 

Then, we went SHOPPING!

Having fun picking those tiny cute souvenirs are we?

Behold the beauty of Banda Hilir bathed in bright neon lights

During the seminar at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia (UTeM)

Posing with the petite little friend, Fida.

Trio scientists from UMT

At UMBAI, Melaka. It was a nice hangout. All the seafood was tantalizing. Delicious!

Last day at UTeM...

Best presenter ever!! Prof Dr Latiffff (USM)

Bye bye Melaka!

Hello Big Bad Wolf!

Sister of mine who looks thinner and thinner day by day. Please eat more lahh Koyah!!

Burgeoning books cache 

At the solemnization in Masjid Tilawah, KL. 

Beautiful Athirah in white wedding garment

Alhamdulillahhhh... Wish you two happiness til Jannah

As what said by Ira, one down, six more to go! Wahahahhaha.


Hey fwenssss.... XOXO. Hugs and kisses yuolsss lama tak jumpa lepaskan rindu dengan bergambar yeayyy~

Last posing in front of Masjid. 

I still remember hearing my friend saying,

"Wey, aku nak berenti keje la wey. Nak sambung belaja PhD. Nak jadi lecturer."

I was dumb-founded and stupefied. What had made her wanting to quit her lucrative job as a Chemist to shift her career life to being a lecturer, a job with a meager salary? She is now currently pursuing MsC in Analytical Chemistry and at the same time a respectful chemist at a company in Shah Alam which, trust me, pays a lot. Her statement made me pondered. It was the same thing that happened to my cousin. She pursues her study in MSC while at the same time holding a big-time-salary job as an accountant. Is working too tedious for them to finally alter their direction to teaching no matter how much salaries offered? I was befuddled.

But then, I figured out that this phenomenon simply rises from the certain spiritual needs working can't provide. Sometimes, they got bored by the ruts they are in. Having the ability to teach others can somewhat be therapeutic and it calms the soul. Maybe it is hardwired into our brains. Women feel energized when they do social works like tending to children and teaching people. Doing these kinds of things make them refueled with oxytocin, a good-feeling hormone.  

See, money is not everything.

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