Friday, February 28, 2014


Present lah kita untuk bulan February punya progress

Lepas present, kitorang cakap-cakap la sesama kitorang sambil makan nasi lemak Dr KA belanja. Pastu menyompek la jugak nak amik gambo. Masa cakap ngan Kak Mai, dia kata kalau nak sambung luar negara Msc or PhD kene kawen dulu. Kalau tak, mesti mati kebosanang. Kawang2 dia hok gi dalam keadaan single kata memang lonely ah duk sana blajo sorang2. Hahahahhaha... ok skang kene stat cari jodoh hehehhee.

Bella and Wani

Wani and Me

Budak2 FYP yang comel

Errr... tak habis lagi ke selfie???

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Mincing words means you talk in a way that you don't let it all out. Macam kita cakap berlapik la bak kata orang Melayu. Macam bila ada kawan kita tanya cantik tak baju dia, pastu kita rasa baju dia buruk gile tapi sebab nak jaga hati kita cakap "Hmm boleh tahan cantik." Satu lagi example macam if ada orang tu marah kat kita, tapi cara dia cakap ngan kita tu tak nampak macam marah pon. Ha! Ini bahaya. Kalau orang jujur, dia takkan mince words. Seketul je dia bagi kat kita. Kalau yang jenis frank in nature lah yang bese tak mince words. Dia shoot selamba je. Kalau hitam, hitamlah. Kalau putih, putihlah. Huhuhu. Memang la sentap tapi masa tu jelah sentap.

Orang yg suka mince words ni jenis pendam je kejenya. Lama-lama pendam dalam hati boleh meletup au. Ikut keadaan lah. Ada masa kene mince words ade masa tak perlu bermuka2. Cakap terus terang kan senang. Bagi aku mince word ni if kita nak jaga air muka orang lain let say kita tgh marah depan khalayak ramai. Masa ni better lah kot mince word. Kalau da marah gile tahap gaban sampai rasa nak ketuk2 je kepala orang tu, boleh la nak cakap direct as long as you drag that person to a secluded area... Hehehe what a heck of a tip!

Monday, February 24, 2014


Thanks to Allah. I had learnt the joy of challenging myself by trying to do new things in life. Though at first I was reluctant to carry out such a huge change in my life, it was a bit satisfactory to feel the good result. Betullah kata orang, cuba dulu baru tahu.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Had only I choose the language path, I might have been a forte in language. I had been so fond of languages- the way it touches people and connects them. Languages are so miraculous. They are a form of beauty which evolves over time, again and again. From a single language since the first man ever stepped on Earth, it has been growing and expanding gracefully throughout myriads of tribes and cultures.

However, I can't apply IF in my stance. ISLAM taught us not to remorse on things that already happened. Things happen for reasons, as much as the phrase Que Sera, Sera stands.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Mukkyaa!!! Gyabbooo!!!

Nodame Cantabile is such a cheerful and wonderful drama. I love how meticulous Japanese make their animes into live action. Like this drama which I am currently infatuated about. It depicts a story of a chaotic music society full of people from various walks of life. You can see how they do actually play the instruments and conduct the orchestra the way pros in musics do!! Each scene is made as close to the scenes in anime as possible. Aww, they are irresistible. From good choice of actors/actresses to apt balance between real-life actions and the fantasy elements from the magical  anime, the drama had been such a good job. Kyaaaaaa, hontoni subarashiiii!!!!

This drama is so good. It made me feel good. I keep on repeating the drama. I finally get to love classics (shocking actually for I never thought of liking this kind of music). It is not a regular story of a bunch of a student musicians. It's about what they learn together, feel together, and enjoys things in life together. It's about team. In this one team, a lot of stories are mucked up making a harmonious blend of joy. The story is not solely focusing on music; it also emphasizes the importance of love and friendship. One thing that I like from the drama is that it teaches us to be strong in pursuing our dreams. Never give up in things you do, coz everybody has prospects. It takes some courage and hard work to reach to what we have been chasing in our life.  

I love the way the drama portrays its main protagonist, Nodame. She is so eccentric and mischievous in nature. Most of the time she behaves like a child, though she is already 22. In this drama, she is an ordinary girl who just happens to love playing piano. She enjoys playing piano without the tiniest thought of impressing anybody. Though people say that she plays piano carelessly, the way Nodame approaches music is so amazing that she can even play piano by merely listening to the song without looking at the score. Good ears, huh? Furthermore, she can play a music piece using her own special technique, though a bit astray from the real piece, hence she was able to produce her own distinctive sweet sounds like no other. That what makes Chiaki loves her piano (and eventually, Nodame herself). 

Despite the childish nature of Nodame, her constant approach towards her senpai eventually blossoms a sweet love between them. Their passion in music had brought them together through those thick and thin. Although Nodame is freakish, clumsy, messy, a bit dummy, childish and loud in nature, she is a good pair to her senpai who is a perfect guy (well he is popular at college, he can cook, clean, plays piano, violin and even conduct an orchestra!!). That's what we call universal attraction. It's simply about how different poles of magnet attract each other no matter how ridiculously different they are. Weeeeew~ 

While Nodame has been so talented in piano (albeit a bit sloppy), Chiaki had also been slogging his way to achieve his ultimate dream of being a conductor. His dream was to conduct an orchestra in Europe. However, due to his fear of flying (aviatophobia/pteromerhanophobia) which was caused by a tragedy during his childhood, he was not able to fly ever again. The incident happened when he was 11. The plane he was in had to make an emergency landing at that time. And then, there was another incident about an old man who suffered a heart attack during the emergency landing. Ahh... too much remorse for Chiaki. Fortunately, Nodame was there to save Chiaki from his phobia. How?? Watch it yourself hahahahaha.

Nodame loves to tag along with Chiaki. She always love to join Chiaki for dinner/lunch (even uninvited lol). She was quite a gobbler and loves her senpai's cooking.

Her funny expressions always make me laugh.... The young and lively personality of Nodame was successfully brought to life by Ueno Juri. In fact I personally think Ueno Juri in real life is pretty much like Nodame that she can naturally become childish and frolics around like a kid in this drama. 

Milch Holstein!!! Or maybe you prefer to call him Franz Stresemann. This character makes the drama comes alive! He is the maestro who came from  France to conduct a specially recruited orchestra at the music academy Nodame was coming from. His was initially portrayed as the dirty old man who pokes around like a mad man and he also loves women. Nevertheless his unbridled passion towards music, paired with his utmost respect towards people had made him one of the important characters in the drama. Hahaoo!

Nodame Cantabile(2006)

A scene when Milch tries to seduce Nodame to a hotel and Chiaki being irritated and jealous. He tries to stop Nodame from following the unscrupulous guy by saying that he would let her be with him all night if Nodame was to stay (hahha lol this is so funny). Just see how easy Nodame actually falls for his trap.

Love the scene when Nodame plays Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 2 with Chiaki after she had been ranting on how desperate she was to play a concerto with him that she had learnt the piece by heart. It was a wonderful synchronization!!!

Cute pair *golden pair*. I love Ueno Juri as Nodame and Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki. They are meant to play the drama! I also like other casts as well. They are simply amazing.... Mmuahhhh I love NODAME CANTABILEE~~

Monday, February 17, 2014



Today was a scary day. A weird thing happened to me. I cried. This is no common cry. I cried out of blue. As if someone else inside me who did the crying and weeping like a small baby after harboring so much heavy feeling inside. I can't even control the tears from falling. It was scary. What is wrong with me?

Yesterday, I had no appetite. I didn't eat lunch. I did my works without rest. It was like giving myself a punishment. Even today I had not much appetite either. It was weird. Coz I am a nasty eater. I eat a lot. So whenever, I lost my appetite, it's become something to worry for.

Lately, I became too sensitive. I watched this JDrama *so much JDrama lols*. The drama is so sweet and cheerful and funny that I don't bother hitting the replay button again and again. Nevertheless, when I reminisce the good scenes from the drama, I don't know why on earth did I suddenly shed some tears. I wasn't even sure whether it was a happy or sad tear. I felt weird. It was a bit disturbing. To say the story is so sad that I shed my tears is a bit ridiculous since I laughed all the way throughout the awesome drama. I kind of feeling miserable with my weird behaviour. Only Allah knows how I am feeling.

Nodame and her quirky habits

The awesome drama that makes me cried.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Belajar hadapi kenyataan.

Kadang-kadang, aku rasa susah nak hadapi kelemahan aku. Aku susah nak deal with it, bak kata omputeh. Walhal, kelemahan tu harus diperbaiki, bukan dihindari. Semakin kita menghindari kelemahan tersebut, semakin jauh kita tersasar dari landasan kebenaran dan semakin susahh untuk kita perbetulkan kesalahan itu. Bahkan ade kemungkinan besar kesalahan itu boleh membawa kepada kesalahan2 lain yg lebih parah. Yang ni yang kita xnak. Kalau boleh elak, elak.

Belajar hadapi kenyataan-bukan sesuatu yang mudah. Namun ia perlu dlm proses menambahbaik kualiti diri dan kualiti kerja. In fact, the more mistakes we make, the more mature we may become. The maturity is measured by the degree of our fortitude in facing a fall, not solely based on the amount of the falls we commit. Kalau asyik buat salah tapi xpandai nak betulkan, takde maknanya boleh jadi matang. Huhu.kalau asyik jatuh dalam lubang yang sama, da boleh jatuh tahap tak cerdik. Ya, aku pernah jadi begitu. Well humans; the are bound to making mistakes once in a while throughout their lives.

So all in all, don't ever be afraid of making mistakes because it is actually a tool for molding the better you, physically and mentally. Make doryoku (efforts) to improve your life and always stick to your righteous principles.  Sayonara tomodachi... ganbatte kudasai.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasssu!!

haii... comel tak gaya saya?

Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Yesterday I attended a seminar on Biocomposite Material using flax. Flax is starting material of LINEN! Kain yang mahal. Satu meter RM30. Gilos. Pernah beli untuk buat blaus. Kain termahal pernah aku cuba. Huhu. Hebat lah research Dr Gilles Ausias tu. Dia datang dari France and first time dia jejak kaki kat Malaysia nie. Slang prancis memang jelas. Lorient disebut LOGHIOONG. Bretagne disebut BEGHOTAN. Hahaha. Pelik kan bahasa French ni? Dah macam bahasa Arab dah-Ghein dia tebal semacam. Yelah. Dalam iklan Lancome tu pun pelik sebutannya. Kalau aku sebut LANKOM walhal sebutan asal LONKOM. Kan beza tu.

Yang paling hebat dalam talk tu bila Dr Gilles tunjuk image tensile testing in-situ SEM. Hebat. Kat Malaysia mana ada alat tu (kot). Hahah. 

flax; gaya, mutu, keunggulan

Sunday, February 02, 2014


How I wish to just vanish into thin air tomorrow morning.... so long my problems, so long my sorrows, so long my anguish and pain and sufferings and all... but why am I not reviving and recalling all my sweet moments? Why???? Why does everything has to turn sour in the time of utter depression and determent? How I am looking for a good answer pronto... to heal this wound in my KOKORO...

If and only if the world is that simple.....

Best jadi budak. Zero worries.

Terkadang merasa sedih. Terkadang merasa resah gelisah. Pilu. Sedih. Sayu. Perih. Itulah gambaran perasaan wanita. Kenapa begitu? Kerana hati wanita itu lembut zahirnya tak kelihatan hanya mampu dirasai oleh jiwa yang memahami.


KMKKK- ke majlis kahwin ke kita? Gitewww.

1 Februari 2014. Aku sekeluarga (berlima) telah berangkat ke Kerteh untuk walimah Najwa Amir, adik sohabat baik ku si Dzilal le Geckorista. Jika si ayahnya bernama Amir bin Din, suaminya bernama Amir jugak kihkih. Najwa Amir X Amir Hamzah = NajwAmirHamzah. Aww, so sweet~ Nama overlap pulak jadinya. 

Hadiah childish dari aku hahah. Childish gile sebab macam tak berapa kena diberi sebagai hadiah kahwen. Kalau diberi untuk bufday maybe lagi sesuai kot.  Sebab memang dah tak tahu nak beli apa untuk Jua and seriously hadiah ni solely untuk Jua dan bukan untuk Jua+Suami. Sorry la En Amir. Hehehe.

Sampai je terus ajak bestie amik gambar. Masa ni bride ada kat luar shooting foto babtu kami berdua je kat situ ahahaha. Beselah pengantin memang laku la hari tu. Kena beratur amik nombor baru bleh begambo.

Barakallah buat Najwa Amir dan suami, Amir Hamzah. Semoga kekal ke Jannah
 *eh tersebut nama sendiri* siyes cantik kasut Jua. Wuwuwu kiutnyer sampai nak nangis. 

Jauh aku datang jumpe mu bestie, siap drag along my family. Ngee~

Lols. Masa aku ralit bergambar ngan Dzilal, mereka pun tak mengaku kalah hehehe.

Before balik KT, singgah sebentar rumah Pak Long belah ayah aku kat Kerteh tu. Comel pulak kucing dia tidur macam gitu. Hehe.

Singgah pulak kat pantai untuk bergambar. Ya Allah cantiknya ciptaan-Mu.

Ini ayah saya. Kami panggil Aboh.

Mama kutip batu yang awesomely pretty. Besarnya kerang tolong cover lengan ma hahaha.

Masa ni Zikri takdok lagi. Teka mende jadi lepas dia masuk?

Tadaaa... jadilah ia poster drama swasta hahahha

Cantik sangat Pantai Rantau Abang ni. Serius terpukau.

Seronoknye bebudak ni main ayor. Anak sapa lah ni ye? :P

Aku dan mereka :D

Bergambar before bertolak pada paginya. Sakan.

Mi casa es mi felicidad *my home my happiness* I love Spanish, among other languages. Ada yang nak volunteer nak ajar aku Spanish? 

Cantik sangat-sangat gambar nie. Segar dan sejuk mata memandang. Memang artistik la adik aku tuh. Lu memang gempak bro!

Belajar benda baru dengan adikku Nodin. Polar coordinate. Simply put and stunning...

Saturday, February 01, 2014

When Will You Ever Be Serious

"Sindrom anak ke-2. Kalau rajin, rajin sangat2. Kalau pandai, pandai sangat2. Kalau malas, malasss giler2. Kalau ngok, ngok giler2. Memang agak ekstreme. Anak no 2 jugak suka tarik perhatian mak ayah sebab selalu rasa dipinggirkan berbanding adik bradik yang lain. Kalau anak sulung memang manja dan besenya akan lebih dilayan mak ayah."

*kajian Dr Fadhilah Kamsah* #semaniskurma


I don't know what's going on with me. Was I jinxed? Yesterday, after receiving a blow for my tacky presentation in front of those bunch of people, I went home feeling tad emotional. I was minding my things and my bag while stepping out of the car, being utterly oblivious to the fact that I parked the car over the drain. You know what I mean; precarious steps, and you will fall into THE drain. While ranting randomly about our coming dinner with my father who was also there, I didn't realize how near I was with the drain which eventually lead to an unfortunate incident; I tripped and fell because of the frigging longkangggg. UGH.

It was such a blow. Malu  ngan makbapak. Aww. Dahla kene komen kaw-kaw masa present pagi tu. Pahtu bila balik rumah dengan niat ingat nak sejukkan hati, boleh pulak terjelopok dek kerana longkang. Pannnassss je kaki dek kerana sakit. Rasa macam nak nangis tau. Sakit la jugak walau kene sikit je. Habis berterabur segala jenis benda yang ada kat tangan dek kerana tangan harus digunakan untuk menahan diri dari terkena impak maksima masa jatuh tu. It was like a bad day for me. Well, things happen for reasons. Cewahhh cliche sungguh ayat itu. Yelah, memang dah namanya pun qada dan qadar aku akan jatuh longkang di petang Khamis, 30 Januari 2014. Da termateri di Luh Mahfuz bahawa seorang aku kan trip and fall dengan malunya pada hari aku present first time depan Dr and kene komen yang aku tak pandai explain kasi orang paham. Wuhuhu. Malu~

Malam tu plak, adik aku #BantingMostWantedYawww tu call. Dia cakap dia jatuh lam bilik air. Wow! Sisters bonding thru tripping and falling. Wahahhahaahha! Kalakaor plak rasa (sampai silap eja kelakar). Hmm... Nasib kau lah Labu.

Ni namanya jatuh beramai-ramai, aka berjemaah. Baru meriah. Kahkah.

Skarang ni, aku rasa aku ni tad suicidal. Mana taknya, duduk rumah susah nak stadi ooo.. Asyik lepak and shopping. Hahahaha. Teruk. Yes aku teruk. Aku suka shopping tapi mujurlah selera aku kat benda yang tak berapa mahal (ceyh ayat wakk seddak hati).

p.s: skang ni bukan kaki je sakit sebab jatuh longkang, tangan kiri plak stat sakit kat karpal (karpal from word carpus, tulang kat pergelangan tangan. obviously bukan karpal singh) macam ada kaitan dengan sembelit aku je. huhu. 

p.s.s: gambar kartun di atas adalah pinjam dari Strictly not mine. Saje ngedit skit2. Nak lukis sendiri? Tunggu tahun depan la baru siap post ni jawabnya. Hehe.

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