Friday, September 19, 2014

Handsock Lace Cantik dan murah, Handsock Lace Muslimah, Handsock Lace Sopan dan Berpatutan

OOOOOOoo tajuk nak conquer search engine je kan??? Hahahahaha~~~

Lai lai lai!!!!

Jemput jamu mata handsock2 yang super comel dan sopan kat blog kami ni. Harga runtuh bak ang!!! Harga asal handsock lace ni RM15 sepasang. Untuk promosi Raya Haji kami bagi RM10 sepasang!!!  Kalau beli banyak insya Allah kami bagi diskaun!!!!!! 

Jom jom!!!!

(harga tak termasuk postage)


A2 (not available)


A4 (not available) 






A10 (not available)

A11 (not available)



A14 (not available)

A15 (sold)

A16 (not available)

A17 (sold)


                                                                              A19 (1 pair left)

A20 (sold)






A26 (sold)

Whatsapp/Message me at 0199558169

Happy shopping!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014


Wow. It felt like ages since I last wrote!!! How I miss spending the sweet moments of thumping my chubby fingers on my laptop keyboard, braiding and weaving those words and syllables into one of the most beautiful pieces of art works ever created in the whole wide world (excuse the narcissism). I love writing and I love words. I guess I am so loving the art of writing and polishing my right hemisphere of brain that often neglect the need to nurture the other side. That's why I lack skills in  solving the equations in MAths (lol).

Currently, I am getting so into craft-making using felt and buttons. It is fun actually. Whenever I feel bored or stressed that I wanna take my mind off things, I shall go to making these tiny spongy crafts they call plush toys. It is a simple therapy for me. Well, people do lots of things to relax and stay calm and take some moments away from whatever they were doing. Some may go to vacations or get engrossed with their hobbies. As for me, I opt for sewing. It's cheap, fun and brain stimulating. It also teaches me to be persistent and patient in order to taste the sweet nectar of hard works and reaping what I sow in this life. That kind of helped me get along with all the hurdles I am having in nowadays' harsh tides of life.

Hey here's my little plush toys I love to press and grasp with my hand... 

Fun with felts and buttons never end.

One of the products I made using felts and button: Hard Drive Casing!

I am feeling so afraid right now. Just now, I went to Sabasun with my family to buy household items. I was wandering around looking for things I was intending to buy when I realized my mother was nowhere to be found in the sea of people browsing and rolling those trolleys in the busy hypermarket. Then I decided to go upstairs to buy flip flop for the surau at Central Lab. It was so weird because once I stepped my feet on the second floor, I suddenly experience a strange phenomenon--- a mild tremor. It felt as if the second floor was thumping lightly from a mild earthquake. I tried to maneuver and observe people around me. There were two salesgirls minding their own business acting nothing peculiar was happening. So I was guessing that I was having that spinning perception of my surrounding, the thing that define vertigo. I tried to walk around while browsing for the suitable flip flop on the sets of shelves there and started to feel dizzy and nauseated. I was scared. The vertigo thing starts to be repeating at an alarming frequency. What is happening to me? Last week, when I was waiting for the elevator to come down to ground floor, I also experienced some vertigo too. When I turn around, it feels as my surrounding went spinning. It was horrifying! I am deadly horrified!!! Am I gonna die soon from an incurable disease?? Nauzubillah.... 

Perky Mr Dido enjoyed the scrapes of  last bites of fried chicken from last nights KFC

Figgerrific ---- I am a fan of figs toooo.

Bathing in the blooming light of sunrise over the horizon.

p/s: tengah ralit cari website jual tshirt labuh al-qassam. call ai if you know anywhere selling the tshirt coz I am so digging into al-qassam. they are REAL heroes!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Come Back Home

Yeah spirit come back home to your host --- ME.

I always felt that sometimes I get kind of possessed by this 'thing' that make me feel daring and bold. It makes me feel like I was being a vehicle it rides to do things. Sometime my hands move involuntarily and do things out of my will. There was some kind of voice whispering from inside, and says things like, "Relax, you can do this yes you can! Move on," 

Sometimes I wonder, am I bipolar? Coz I realized how much I would casually change from sad moping gloomy mood to overjoyed mode. Seriously, it is disturbing. How can someone simply shift from being extremely demotivated, devastated and drained out to someone so elated and jubilant in a split second? It's monstrous; too monstrous. 

Maybe I have that a little messed-up alter ego which sometimes get me good. But most of the time, it strikes me bad. Yeah gotta get hold of that soon.

Monday, September 01, 2014

New Life.


This week I officially moved to Central Lab. It was a bit awkward having to wait for the elevator before finally get to swipe my thumb on the biometric security device that uses fingerprints at the door to enter the lab. It was a bit sophisticated to me, as if we are working in a nuclear reactor hahaha. Hm. One thing I hate about this new routine is the fact that I have to wait for the lift to come down and go up. Time-consuming to me. 

Nevertheless, it's good to be among the people of the same background.

mellow melodies

where you can reach me.

where you can reach me.