Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Act of Opting for the Apt Facts

Golden Rules of Life:

Give credits to other people
See good things in other people
Do not raise your voice just to 
prove your point -be cool.
Do not complain and compare -be mature
Do not patronize other people
Accept other's opinions
Be rational and responsible
Do not be selfish
Appreciate what people do
Do not take people for granted
Do not seek to highlight others' faults in 
order to prove you're right
Be rational and reasonable
Be a good example
Learn from your own mistake
Do not impose on people

Because the world does not revolve around you sucker!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am writing this as a way of taking mind off things. I feel a bit down today due to some incidents but Allah had replaced the sad feeling via a very exciting news. The cells will arrive next week! Yahoooo!!!

Well, it was so worrying since the cell may be delivered this Sunday while I am not around to fetch it and bring it to IMB. Because I will be taking a day off to travel back from Bangi to KT after sending off my sister for her new life in UNITEN. Then, phew, only Allah knows how relieved I was upon knowing that cell will ariive next Monday. 

Today I feel a bit happy since SV has good mood and was not mad at me at all due to my lackadaisical results. I feel down and feel stupid since I didn't get thing right. Am I cursed? To make things worse, I feel troubled by someone's changed behavior. It makes me feel depressed. How I wish to go away from all these frowning faces.

Enough for now. Time to pack up things and bid farewell... 

Jumpe Isnin nanti, kalau ada jodoh dan panjang umorrrr.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Tough tides


Now I'm slogging my way out of this dump. Dump of laziness and lumpy-ness. I need to get hang of my works or I'll be left behind. This is not about outracing other friends-it's about me racing against time.

I must persevere. Because I can do this! I am a champion. Remember how terrified you were when you thought about all those tests you never done before?  You felt kind of a giant loser who couldn't get firm grip on things? Now look at you. How far had you dived into this world. How deep your soul is rooted inside this world despite all the unceasing hurdles and obstacles you faced before. Hurmm.

I still remember how hard it was trying to construct even a decent standard curve for my active drug. It took almost 2 months! 2 whole frigging months merely jusstttt to get a nice curve with R squared value of 0.99 for linearity. I didn't forget how miserable I was. But things happen for reasons. When I finally get to construct a beautiful graph with 0.9997 r squared value, woww, I realized how beautiful the feeling was to finally achieve something you've been hoping for after such a long time struggling. And I get to know how much efforts mean to a person's accomplishment. Had I given up in the middle of the turmoil and chaos,  I will not be able to do the next thing in line, NEVER.

So all in all, face challenges head on and never give in. Sooner or later you will get to face the truth.

Friday, October 03, 2014


Zaman sekarang ni, semua orang nak cepat. Nak duit cepat, nak makan cepat, nak mandi cepat, nak berak cepat. oops. Until almost everything is made express in order to feed this impatience nature of human being. Ugh.

I am kind of pressurized that I am now in my third semester. It's killing me! Still got tonnes of works to do. And I am out of time. So scared. Am I moving too slow? Or my head is too lumpy on knowing and discovering things?

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