Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stock Clearance

Mari mari!!!! Jualan penghabisan gudang!!!

Handsock lace berwarna warni jualan penghabisan stok RM10 sepasang. Beli banyak in sha Allah ada diskaun!!!! AUMMMM!!! 

note: warna gambar ada yang sedikit berbeza daripada warna asal

whatsapp/mesej 0199558169

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


"Don't beat around the bush, just cut to the chase."

Means, do not have to slow walk people into telling your real purpose, Just go straight to the point

"I don't think I can do this without pulling some string."

It means, someone using other person's influence in getting something done

"Hey, do not sweat the small stuffs. Chill dude."

Do not nitpick on small unimportant matter.

Some interesting phrases and idioms used in daily conversation. 

Because I love English and all other foreign languages. But I cannot learn all languages since it would be so tiring. Hey, one goose step at a time. Even for one to master one language take years okay? 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Read me.

"Kalau orang tengok bilik ni mesti dok caye ni bilik kakno,"

"Hah?? Bakpe boh?"

"Macam bilik laki."

Lol, sepah sangat ke aku nie sampai ayah kata aku macam tu? HAaAaAAaaaAAAAA!

"Bakpe, hanyar ngakk ke??"

"hoh, hanyar...."


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heated discussion

Today I had joined a Facebook debate on vaccinations. Truth be told, vaccination has more cons than pros. And I am one of those people opposing vaccinations. I am anti-vaccination.

It was a heated discussion. Clearly somebody was being too emotional that no matter how much the other party was laying out loads of subtle arguments, they will abruptly refute all those ideas with one swift comment -an emotional comment. Do not sell vaccination on these people coz they won't buy it no matter how much you jibber jabber about it. The idea itself is too preposterous. and not to mention, time wasting.

Yeah everybody is entitled to their own opinions and we are free to make choices in our life coz its our right to have free will. And one must respect other's opinions and have an open, mature discussion regarding this matter.

And oh, speaking of free will. I don't think our country has that. Coz every child is obligated to taking vaccines since their birth and I found this to be very disturbing. We should be given choices whether to take vaccine or not. But since our parents and grandparents were being used by the world and the government via the wand of fear through the false news on the spreading of those new fancy diseases and epidemics, everyone was running to clinics and hospitals to get their offsprings shots of vaccination. Do we realise how much had we been fed with false information regarding this thing called vaccines? Do we really know what vaccine is?

Vaccine is the inactivated virus that is added with some preservatives to alert our body system to secrete protective mechanism as a preparation for the possibly coming infection. Its like lying to your body that something harmful is coming your way even when in actuality, it is not. So what happen if the impending epidemic didn't actually befall on people vaccinated? What happen to this foreign materials residing our biological system? For sure it won't stay like a friendly friend. These foreign material surely will tamper with our system and eventually bring us more harm than good. And dont get me started talking about the preservatives added into vaccines.

Thimerosal is a mercury compound used to preserve these vaccines. Even in a very minute amount, the compound is detrimental to our health. Just imagine how deadly it is when this chemical went into the bloodstream of little babies. How could we ever let children being shot with these deadly chemicals? Come on people where is HUMANITY?!!!

I don't have much information on the vaccination but I think what I know is enough to make me side with the anti-vaccination group. Coz I believe every child is born with complete antibody and any rubbish words saying your children need to be vaccinated is nothing more than attempted murder. Do not silence kill our generation. They are our hope for the future.

Other thing about vaccination when pilgrimages are taking off for their haj in mecca. I am strongly against the obligatory vaccine shots. Its demeaning and cruel.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

serangan raksasa berbisa.

why do I always cross path with this poisonous crawling invertebrate?

I still remember that day when I was in the loo, minding my business. suddenly, there was like raining centipedes pouring down from under the ceiling. the most frightening part was that there was no visible hole or opening from where those centipedes may be originated (or is it better to say "there was no hole or opening where those centipedes may be originated from" ?). Grammatical dilemma as per corrected by Sheldon Cooper from TBBT). The latter is obviously wrong. As much as "I am the guy from whom you are getting away" is true instead of "I am the guy you are getting away from,". Lol I love grammar Nazis. 

Can we circle back to the real story?

Okay. The centipedes thing.

I was terrified upon seeing hundreds of small centipedes crawling on the toilet floor and that horrendous sight had thrown me into an uncomfortable state which immediately halted me from whatever I was doing. I rushed out and called for my dad and told him what I saw. He was shocked to see so many centipedes on the floor which are still alive. Abruptly, he took Ridsect and sprayed all over the floor. Within 2 minutes, all of them died and had to be swept into the bin. Fuh.

Today, the same thing happen to me again. A large centipede was found curling on the wooden floor of my room. I suspected it to be alive so I called my parent. My dad then came with a long parang and killed that son of a gun. It was a big one, the one that can give you a swollen skin with single bite. What a nightmare. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Not one Lesson.

Hari ni kisah sadis berulang kembali. Buat proceeding last minute pastu stress kene edit ADHOC! Berpeluh-peluh dibuatnya. Kepala pon pening berdenyut-denyut. Stress! Stressed!!

Sampaikan masuk bilik air pon bawak phone!!! Sebab nak chatting ngan SV pasal mende kene edit. Besar bebenor bahana hari ni. Sebab salah sendiri la sapa suruh tak check email tengahari tadi. Dahla tak cek email, balik umah pi bantai tido, enset off, charging, sampai Dr mesej ngan wasap pun tak sedar. Memang sengaja cari nahas jalan raya la budak nie. Pukul 2.39 pm baru bukak phone baru sedar Dr da email correction. Kena hantar updated version before 5 pm hari nie. Kau bayangkan tahap stress tu macam mana.

Lepas edit, kene bagi balik SV tengok sebelum antar. Lepas tu baru bleh submit. Dang the painful one and a half hour of my life. Sampai sakit skapula kanan aku sbb stress punya pasal. Sampai sekarang ni pun sakit tu masih ada. Bila aku bend over atau stretch out nak amik barang atau sujud, mesti sakit sangat kat belikat kanan ni. Aduh, sakit macam lepas baru angkut beg besar naik tangga dari tingkat 1 ke tingkat 10! Bloated tangan aku. Sakit sebab pengumpulan asid laktik dek kerana hutang oksigen yang berlaku semasa badan terpaksa bekerja keras memerah otak dan tenaga. Ugh.

Inilah akibatnya tidak mengambil pengajaran daripada kisah lalu, edit proceeding sampai demam seminggu. Batuk teruk sampai tersengguk-sengguk. Batuk teruk sampai terkeluar air mata dan cramped  otot belakang dan perut. Sampai kene MC kau. Sebab paksa diri stay back kat lab sampai kul 8 malam dengan sejuk aircond bilik siswazah central lab yang spooky tu. Balik edit lagi. Edit edit pon, salah lagi. Lepas betulkan yang salah, kene maki lagi dengan diri sendiri. Kena marah ngan SV sebab dia takleh bukak fail dalam emel la. Fail aku tertukar format la macam-macam la dugaan. Hantar lewat but expect SV to do the checking adhoc? What da fcuk? Jangan jadi begini. Bad attitude. Jangan susahkan SV macam apa yang aku buat. Cuma mujur kesilapan tu tak banyak so dia takde lah nak mendidih sangat (hopefully this make believe session does make up for the real thing). Tapi even tak banyak pun, mende tu buat aku jadi penat sebab kene fokus tahap gaban nak mengedit dalam limited time frame. Siyes sakit dada dah skang ni skali ngan belikat yang cramped. Sabawww skit boleh dok??

Konon boleh hilang stress la tu bila browse beg Fossil online. DUH pathethic.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Eh Eh! Header blog macam mangsa banjir yang kena pindah haha. Tolong skit ni gambar masa naik boat kat Langkawi. Tak ade kene mengena dengan banjir.

Actually I have been considering of changing the name of the blog into something more optimistic. But I can't help it. Coz I am still lost in the world. I am still looking for myself. Siapa diri ini yang sebenar.


Hari ni hujan tak berenti. Lebat. Banyak kawasan dibanjiri air. UMT pon da nak tenggelam dengan air. Habislah lab IMB. Dahla atas tanah. Dahla banyak barang cell. Aduhaiii. Semoga selamat semuanya. Ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni. 

p/s: satu UMT ishtihar cuti

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Easily butthurt people.

I think I am one of those people who got really offended on what others say or do. Yeah I am EBP

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let it Go

Just like Penny from TBBT, I tend to have short attention span. Now I am so over TBBT. I need to relinquish myself from the stupid obsession of watching this sitcom. Day after day, I got engulfed in wasting hours of watching the same series again and again. Ugh. I even had to sleep while turning the sitcom on my laptop. How crazy is that??

Now, all I need to do is to find another thing to be crazy about. Any idea what?

Saturday, November 08, 2014


That day, as usual, I joined my friends to the nearest cafe to buy ourselves some breakfast. After packing two hot buns, I went to pay at the counter. Then I went to order my hot drink at another counter. There was this effeminate man who was joyfully talking with his friend.

"Bang, teh panas satu,"

That abang's face went sour out of sudden. He went making my drink in a foul mood. What the heck is wrong with this guy?

After picking up that scorching cup of milk tea, I walked away with confusion. I then asked my friend, what the heaven could I possibly say to make him frowned like that.

"Ha, kak janah kene panggil dia kakak," with a grin in her face.


My mom raises her no liars. So hells no I am gona call a man "KAKAK". Seriously impossible.

Banyak la kau punya right. Nak sangat tegakkan hak sendiri, pegi berambus ke planet Zuhal lah!!!!!

That big strike of epiphany

Salam alls.

Lets all thank Allah for his blessings and sustenance. Alhamdulillah.

I always stumble upon one of these magical moments that many may refer to as merely coincidence. Just like before,  when I was so distraught about so many things (research and lab works particularly), out of the blue, this one lovely person sent me messages via Facebook saying all these positive words and encouragement, as if he knew i was in a disturbed state. These words woven automatically without the main switch being triggered by me. He calmly stated  that its normal to face such difficulties in research. Lukman gave me encouraging words which showed how empathetic he was about my dire situation. It was unsolicited, even. But Allah had sent His guidance from above through this person. It's so amazing and caught me dumbfounded that it came knocking at my door at the right time. It was..... magical. I often turn speechless upon colliding with such fate. This is how Allah works I guess,  mysteriously beautiful, meticulous and unexpected. But yet amazingly inevitable.

That amazing event occurred again last night. I was bored and went surfing the net. Scrolling down the Facebook statuses,  my eyes caught a glimpse of several names who are online. That was when I saw his name. Feeling a sudden strike of longing to know updates about him and wanting to maybe arrange for dates for some other times, I abruptly message his inbox. Coz he was once a good mentor to me.What he replied was so jaw dropping. I was completely shocked!

Image:Be Honest Step 6 Version 2.jpg

He said he was feeling like messaging me too but due to his inundating workloads he failed to spare some time to idly chat with me (poor baby L). And it was a happy, sorry I have to use this word, coincidence that I had messaged him since he had been keeping all these spicy stories to tell me. Allah maha besar. There is no such thing as coincidence. Every thing happens as He bids and it happens for some valid reasons.  He knows when to knock your heart and how to do so. Just believe in Him. He'll guide your unceasingly through your ordeals.

I had been led to a heartbreaking epiphany from those spicy stories he told me. Whatever things that came out of this man had really opened my eyes on so many things. I was a bit devastated. To look high at someone but in actuality,  they are really not that mighty, really strikes me bad. Hm I wish I didn't have to listen to the stories coz my perceptions on the whole picture are now entirely shifted to a completely lowered level. And it's frightening me. Seriously. It really got me shivered.
Nevertheless,  it's good to know the truth. Like what they say, lies are sweet but truth is always bitter. No matter how bitter truth is, just suck it in and buck up sissy pants. It's a new brave world young lady. Hayyohhhh!!!

All in all, I was glad Lukman did spend his precious time chatting me up, Although the whole tone of the stories was shocking, I did enjoy the rest of his stories. I laughed so hard that my father was a bit shocked for such loud laughter in the middle of the night. Hahahaaha nice one!

P/s: it's so funny having to use lukman as a mere anthropomorphism. Hahahahaha lolssss.
Lukman, let's go out some other time. I miss you,  baby!!!!!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Bad Day

Everyday I feel like killing myself. Today I had been scolded for being insensitive on the waste treatment of media in cell culture. For some reasons, I don't think I deserve the scolding because nobody actually showed me the correct way. These people, they want you to do things according to their ways but they refused to show you how. Get it?

How more confusing life would be?

And when you finally get taught on how to handle things, this person says this, another person says that, and then come along another guy saying this and that are both wrong. So which one should I follow?? Can you do me a favor and tell me???? See how stuck I can get when facing such painful set of tragedies of life????

Yes, somehow I do feel guilty because I didn't bother asking people around before actually remove the media from the fridge merely by tossing them into the bin without disinfecting the content first using Clorox whatsoevaaa. And it was exacerbated with the disgusting act of someone who seemed to be disgusted of my acts. I know I was guilty as charged, but lets face the fact that this is merely my fourth month of conducting cell study. Truthfully I wanna see how these kind of people will come to term as to what cell cultures are really about. See how others might not forgive your wrongdoings. I hate it when people don't seem to be forgiving on my mistakes given that I am prone to do mistakes due to lack of exposure and formal guidance. I was just instructed informally by colleagues and yet I cannot use that as a justification to my hideous act because when you do something wrong, they say do not put blame on others. Take full responsibility. I cannot say nobody teaches me how to do that coz lets face it, you have every chance of asking anybody about that. 

It's sad. Really. Being treated like discarded vermin in the sewer, and tossed around like an unwanted trash. Yeah that was how I feeling when I was going through that reprimanding words from the pegawai sains. Yeah I do not blame her cause I did make the grave mistake errr wait not so grave la but she gave a warning, " don't make me mad next time coz you do not want to make me mad" in a stern voice while trying to repress her anger by idly filling those plastic bags with some fluids. I was shaken a bit la when she said that right on my face. I tried to stay calm and be brave, pretending that I was totally cool but deep inside, I was hurting. I feel like running away from all these and go somewhere nobody will give me that judgmental looks.  I wanna escape this world full of lies and stupidity and unending lusts and desires. This world does not color me intrigued. In fact, the world currently I am in, color me hopeless, sad and mad on many things. Injustice everywhere, from my childhood up to my adolescence and now, my adulthood. I really don't know why but I always find myself crossing paths with people who are not open to forgiving. It's baffling, really bafflng coz me myself, I can totally forgive others' mistakes. Why cannot they forgive me? It's so not fair. Some times, I try not to impose the same bad thing people deliberately impose on me coz I know revenge is nothing but cruel dish. You know how painful that thing is so why would you do the same to others? Be compassionate, even to your enemies. That's how Muhammad pbuh taught us. How sweet is that. Totally honey.

It has been so many times that I had been wondering, why am I living? What is my purpose of life? Why am I here? Why am I sitting in my bed, writing  a blog post, while ranting on various bad things in my life with no regards to my other blessings? Am  I being too ungrateful? Coz that's a fair share. Now I am having a random writing fandom. I keep blabbering without purpose, maybe the only motive would be to satisfy my hard feelings or it could be an attempt to divert my attention from those bad things.

You know what, I always dream of traveling all over the world, helping the poor and teach a thing or two about life to other people in the search for myself. I cannot deny that the spirit does stir in me all this while. I really envy those backpackers who enjoy travelling around the globe with nothing to worry about their tomorrow, just trying to live the day and making the best of it. Life is so short to harbor hard feelings. Live peacefully, smile and make people in your life happy. 

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Wobble Trip

Naik flight - wobble
Naik cable car - wobble
naik boat tengok helang makan- wobble jugak

kenapa semua nak wobble arghhhh!!!!

I still remember how much my ears hurt when the flight was about 20 minutes before the landing. It felt as if something sharp was poking my eardrums. It was a grotesque 20 minutes of my life. I could have sworn that I had gulped and swallowed a little blood!!! What was happening?! Did my eardrums bleed? I was terrified. When the plane made touchdown, I was like a deaf person, I cannot hear my own voice. Fortunately the weird symptom receded after about 5-10 minutes stepping on land. Lega~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Sebelum berlepas. Makan kepci jimat duet hehe.

Selfie dalam kapal terbang perlukah?

Splendid view from above


Woit turun pesawat pon menyempat selfie. Hahaha.

Masa tengah tunggu makan malam lepas sampai Langkawi petang tu. Punyalah penat pusing baru jumpa kedai seafood. Mujur sedap.

Haji Ismail Grup. Berapa kali entah pusing2 kawasan ni. Dekat 4 kali geng
mak jemah datang shopping hahhahaha hantu betuy kome ni ye.

Masa berenti kedai makan tepi jalan, ternampak kedai runcit nama Gecko. Bangga Gecko terus aku suh berdiri depan kedai suh dia posing jap hahahaha. (btw Gecko is the petname I gave to Dzilal my bff)

Masa tunggu kabel car


Dataran Lang. Omakkaw besaw gabak si burung helang

Tengok ikan pari beranak pinak dalam kolam ternakan. 

Gua Kelawar yang boring.... Nothing to see except bats. 

Sebelum naik bot

Melawat tempat rebus gamat. 

Berhimpit macam nasi impit

Kilim Geoforest Park. Masa boat berenti ni rasa pening semacam, nak muntah pun ade. 
Mabuk laut rupanya.

For the rest of the photos, let them speak for themselves okay?

ketam ladam kuda a.k.a horseshoe crab a.k.a belangkas. binatang fossil berdarah biru.

Checking out. Muka sedih lettew sebab da nak kena tinggal Langkawi,

Bye bye Langkawi, don't miss me!

p/s: sedih la jugak bila ada orang yang sedap je duk compare kita dengan orang lain yg dah lebih lama duduk dalam bidang ni. memang tak adil, ku rasa aku seakan dipijak-pijak. urghhh!!!!

mellow melodies

where you can reach me.

where you can reach me.