Monday, January 05, 2015

Am I?

I really love music. And I love piano of all things!

Why? Maybe because the sound of piano is so melodious and calming. I remember that old day when I was pestering my father into buying a piano for me!!! I was crazy. A piano is expensive! DUh. Of course my father couldn't afford it. I still remember playing the recorder and pianica during my primary school. I love pianica! It has similar shape as piano, only that it was played by blowing it just like harmonica. So you combine piano and harmonica, you get pianica.

I love various melodies and try to replay them in my Virtual Piano on my laptop. Still, I can only play by one hand. I really wish to be able to play using both hands. It's gonna be so awesome!!! This is one of my wishes.... Though a bit ridiculous to some people, to me playing musical instrument does give you some kind of enlightened spirit and activate some parts of the brain. Music rocks!!

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