Wednesday, January 21, 2015

because i am a HUMAN

"Keep holding on. It's not like the end of the world. Even when it's the end of the world you can still plant the seed in your hand. Positive and optimistic attitude towards life can change a lot of things. never step back and think of quitting it all. You just have to recall the reason why you started. Coz life is more than what meets the eyes. Never surrender to whatever may come yourrr wayyyyy. Strive and fight and never look back. Smear your tears, smudge your fear, because for all good things to happen, there is price for you to pay...."

today i shed some coward tears and i didn't even get to finish my meal during luncheon. just because you hit a roadblock you want to give up everything you have put up all this while. please dude! don't be a chicken.

everybody faces problem. just deal with it. suck it up. buck up sissy pants.

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