Sunday, January 04, 2015

Love Yourself. Treasure yourself.

I often take things for granted. I have the very chance to further study using a very well-paid scholarship. I live at home. I get to drive my father's car. I get to study in my very own room which is so fortuitous since I get to put any decoration the way I want with no one to be all judgy or pedantic (duh it's my OWN room since I was like 5 years old!). I eat free. I bath free. I use free wifi and electricity. What more should I ever ask for? 

Sometimes, when people find themselves to be in a very comfy place with all those accommodation and facility laid out in front of your eyes, they feel complacent. They have no urge of thriving more diligently through things in their lives. All they do is sit back, relax and enjoy the fun life has to offer. They got stuck in the stagnant water of comfort zone. But they forget one thing, these things wont last. It will not last. Nothing ever lasts except for our Rabb Allah. So you need to use all the resources you can muster in order to keep you sailing in the right trail and not deviating from the path you are now in.

It is inevitable for one to feel insecure at some points of their lives. This is the moment when you need to sit back and try to relax. Try to remember all the good things in your life. Instead of thinking about those things you don't have, it's much much better to rekindle all the things you already have in your life. Do not always compare and complain. Always appreciate things around you. Grab the loving memories of your family and friends and keep them tight in your chest. Smile and relinquish your mind from remembering those bad scars from past days. Relieve all the negative vibes from your mind. It does nothing good actually. It burns your soul from within, smoldering under your skin and gradually get you rotten inside.

You have every chance to change into a better person. Read more. Learn more. You can be a champion in your life. The battle is with yourself, not others. 

Focus Jenny focus! Focus is the key to success~

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