Sunday, January 18, 2015

Purple Craze

I am so crazy. Wanna see an ironclad proof? Just today I literally raced to Kamdar to buy a purple cotton knit cloth during my lunch hour. I had already gone to Kamdar yesterday and bought 3 colours i.e. green, dark choco and light brown, of the same fabric already (because I really love the knit cotton!) but I was torn whether or not to buy the one in dark purple colour, the favourite colour of mine. Ugh. It was an ambivalent moment which I had to endure (yeah first world problem). Then, I decided not to buy purple color because I thought I had so much purple blouses already. That thing really made me felt uneasy and my heart cant't stop beating nervously for regretting the act of not selecting the purple garment. But today, I can't help my unbridled and stirring diabolical desire to buy myself the purple cotton hence I raceddd all the way to the town to buy myself that thing!! How crazy is that???

Burberry Long Double Cashmere Trench Coat in Purple (dark magenta)
spot the vainglorious striking purple!! Me gusta~

I love dark purple/indigo! People who are inclined towards purple/indigo are said to be daydreamers. They love living in their fantasy rather than facing grey and cold truth of life. Hahahahahah! This trait is so me!!!

Check out other traits of people who are so into purple! Like me!!!

-open, flexible and understanding nature
-highly intuitive and can step into the shoes of others easily
-sought after as a trusted friend and confidant
-wise, knowledgeable and intelligent.
-very sensitive and psychic
-sense strongly the moods and emotions of others. 
-sometimes prefer times of solitude. 
-need time and space to think, meditate and contemplate on all of life's mysteries.
-highly spiritual and like to live your life balancing your mind, body and soul.
-likely to have many friends and acquaintances that you interact with well but they seldom understand the real you.

1-have a tendency to have low moods, which can lead to depression.
2- susceptible to addictions.

Stay aware of your feelings, emotions and reactions to others and sense how others react to you


Najib Ariyan said...

Salam.... peminat pepel rupanya... saya pernah alami begitu... tak jadi beli lepas tu asyik teringat jer.. nyesal tak beli... sekali kat Bandung sekali kat Cebu... kalau teringat tu selalu je cakap bila lah nak ke sana lagi nih

Jαnnαhツ said...

jadi separa meroyan bile mende ni berlaku hhahahahhaa..... nk tak nak kena beli jugak. dah macam gile je bile da terkilan kalu tak beli kihkih...

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